The 6th Leyou 513 Pregnancy Mother's Day: Call for Dad to work together to protect happiness

The 6th Leyou 513 Pregnancy Mother's Day: Call for Dad to work together to protect happiness

Jun 16, 2021XieYifang

513 Pregnancy Mother’s Day" (513 takes the homonym of "I want to give birth") is the first love festival for pregnant mothers created by Leyou. It has been held for the sixth consecutive year since 2016. This year’s "513 Pregnancy Mother’s Day", Leyou Friends and Biostime jointly organized a series of activities on the theme of “Jointly Guarding and Nurturing Happiness”. Through the pregnant mother dream pool, the prospective dad challenge, the live broadcast of the Xiaohongshu KOL eight cities exploration store, the carnival of thousands of pregnant mothers, and the brand presents a good pregnancy A variety of activities such as ceremonies, advocate the efforts of prospective fathers to improve the quality of happiness of pregnant mothers and nurture healthy and happy lives.

Helping prospective dads transform their roles, more than ten celebrities call for the happiness of pregnant moms

The original intention of Leyou to establish the 513 Pregnancy Mothers' Day is to call on the whole society to pay attention to the group of pregnant mothers, so that pregnant mothers can receive more detailed protection and care. As an important part of the family during pregnancy, the importance of the role of "prospective dad" is often overlooked. In this pregnancy day, Leyou will further expand the areas of attention, calling on prospective fathers to participate more in the life of pregnancy, enter the role of "father" faster, and give pregnant mothers a different happiness experience than usual with care and love. . Liu Ye, Huang Lei, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Cecilia, Du Jiang, Huang Yi, Yuan Hong, Sun Li, Chen Ming, Fang Shubai and other major maternal and child brand spokespersons and brand close friends send sincere blessings to Leyou pregnant mothers members and call on "expected fathers" One more action, one more happiness for pregnant mothers", cheer for father-to-be!

From May 1st to 9th, Leyou teamed up with a number of cooperative brands such as Biostime, Feihe, and Abbott, and cooperated with cooperative media such as, Babytree, and to jointly launch the "Pregnant Mom Dream Pool" online wishing activity. Solicit “the one thing you want your husband to do the most during pregnancy” from pregnant mothers. As the event progresses, a list of pregnancy dreams conveying the wishes of a new generation of pregnant mothers will soon be released. Next, Leyou will also join hands with all partners to launch the "Premature Dad Challenge" online check-in action from May 10th to 17th. The prospective dad can complete the challenge by helping the pregnant mother realize the most anticipated wish in the dream list. This move can not only help pregnant mothers get the lucky "pregnancy" gift prepared by Leyou and partners, but also a good opportunity to invite prospective dads to participate in the life of pregnancy, helping them to quickly enter the role of "father" while giving pregnancy Mom doubled the blissful life experience during pregnancy.

Brands offer good pregnancy gifts, Leyou specializes in pampering pregnant mothers

When the May Day Labor Day quietly came to an end, the pace of Leyou 513 Pregnancy Mother's Day followed closely. From May 6th to 17th, Leyou teamed up with Biostime, Feihe, Abbott, Nestlé, Aitamei, Wyeth, Meso, Mead Johnson, a2, Gabriel Aite, Ausnutria, Ge Ruijia, Youbei, Pigeon , Medela, Curiosity and other 100 cooperative brands, launched "Super Hot Mom 8 Super Powers", "To Prospective Dad: Mom's Choice List" and other theme marketing, select milk powder, nutrition, food, care, feeding ( bottle warmer), diapers, clothing textiles, lathes, chairs, toys and essential items for pregnant mothers among the nine categories, helping pregnant families complete one-stop precision purchases, allowing prospective dads to worry-free shopping and letting pregnant women get pregnant. Mom is ready to give birth at ease.

Pink Baby Bottle Warmer

At the same time, Leyou launched the exclusive Super Golden Happy Pregnancy Card for pregnant mothers, with the exclusive rights of six super golden members, including pregnancy gift, child gift, and cashback gift. It was also launched during the 513 pregnant mothers’ festival. Get the coupon first, then buy the card, and immediately benefit the member upgrade welfare action of 200 yuan. A gift box worth 300 yuan will be given to you. At the same time, Leyou has cooperated with brands such as Biostime, Abbott, Wyeth, Bellecom, a2, Jingqi, and other brands to launch an exclusive series of benefits for the upgraded Super Golden Le Pregnancy Card, helping pregnant mothers unlock more good pregnancy surprises. Log in to Leyou APP/Mini Program during the event, or visit Leyou stores across the country, and buy what you like!

Ten thousand pregnant mothers carnival, new experience of the role of prospective dad

Since its inception in 2016, Leyou 513 Pregnancy Mother’s Day has focused its attention on the life, health, and health of pregnant women through belly painting, yoga during pregnancy, skin care during pregnancy, makeup for pregnant women, DIY for pregnant women, and maternity knowledge classes. Various fields such as hobbies and beauty. This year's Pregnant Mother's Day, Leyou will carry out two kinds of colorful activities, "Pregnant Mother Growth Camp" and "Puppet Dad Creation Camp" to pay attention to and meet the two-way needs of pregnant mothers and prospective dads.

From May 15th to 16th, Leyou teamed up with Biostime to open the "513 Pregnancy Carnival". At that time, Leyou will jointly open a carnival for 10,000 pregnant mothers in 10 cities across the country, including Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Shenyang, Langfang, Shijiazhuang, Qingdao, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Shanghai. Professional yoga instructors teach on-site, pregnant mothers DIY to create a delicate life, prospective dads role-play to simulate the experience of pregnant mothers, strength to bring the baby three items (holding baby, flushing, changing diapers)... There is also a series of pregnancy and childbirth. On the Internet, log in to the Leyou APP/Mini Program "Le Activities" area to register, and easily gain a new life in pregnancy and childbirth

Leyou, with a history of 21 years, has accompanied the growth of the three generations of parents in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and most understand their needs and pain points. To this end, Leyou has created annual exclusive member festivals such as "513 Pregnancy Mother's Day" and "913 Newborn's Day" according to the special needs of different stages of pregnancy and childcare, etc., to provide members with a convenient and pleasant shopping experience, professional and caring Motherhood and childcare services, and help member families create unforgettable pregnancy time and childcare experience.

About Leyou Pregnancy and Infant

Founded in 1999, Leyou is an omni-channel selected retail platform that provides safe and healthy products and services for mother and baby families. In the past 21 years, Leyou has adhered to the mission of "Parents worry-free raising children and healthy growth", established direct sourcing and direct supply with more than 100 well-known brands, leading the industry's new standards with the first quality control system, and building a beautiful mother with smart new retail New scenes of infant life. As of 2020, Leyou has more than 700 stores nationwide in more than 150 cities, with more than 20 million registered members.

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