The breast pump provides more flexibility when breastfeeding

The breast pump provides more flexibility when breastfeeding

Jul 07, 2021XieYifang

Breast milk is the best that can be given as food to a newborn baby. It contains all the nutrients that are needed for healthy development, it promotes the development of a well-functioning immune system and it is always available. If it is not possible to breastfeed, a breast pump ensures that breast milk is still available for the next meal. Expressing milk can also be a relief for the mother, because after all, the breast produces milk even when the offspring is not drinking from it. This sometimes leads to painful tension, which can be relieved by expressing breast milk. There are numerous breast sucker systems on the market, from the simple hand pump for occasional expressions to the electric breast pump that can be used to obtain large quantities of milk. At baby-walz there are various systems from well-known manufacturers, among which there is sure to be a suitable model for everyone - for example the popular Medela breastfeeding pump, the PHILIPS AVENT, the one from LANSINOH or the pumps from NUK.

When do you need a breast pump?

Not every nursing mother has a breast sucker. Nor is it absolutely necessary, unless one of the following reasons applies to the mother:

Anyone who goes back to work early but does not want to give up breastfeeding can express breast milk every day in order to provide their child with the necessary amount of food for the duration of the absence. Either the dad is at home during this time or a nanny takes over the bottle feeding. In many cases, it is even worth buying an Electric Breast Pump.

The second reason is medical: some women experience frequent breast infections, which can be very painful. Expressing milk is then much more pleasant than the suckling child. Mothers who are prone to blockages can also benefit from the breast pump. You can get relief by emptying your chest more often. However, in this case, suckling should be carried out, as it is more likely to promote healing in the long term. The breast sucker is usually only used for a limited period of time, so that a single manual breastfeeding pump is usually sufficient to cover the need.

automatic breast milk pump

However, the breast pump is most important for premature babies. They are usually still too weak to suck a sufficient amount of milk from the mother's breast on their own. Breast milk is so important for them. There is no equivalent substitute food for premature babies. An electric breastfeeding pump is worthwhile here so that it drinks enough and that food is readily available at any time when it gets hungry.

Expressing milk properly

We would like to describe how you express properly using the Medela breast pumps, which are available from baby-walz either as a manual breast sucker or as an electric version. Before you start pumping, the following preparations should be made:

Wash hands thoroughly

Find a comfortable place, such as the sofa or the bed
Massage the breasts lightly before applying the breast pump
Choosing a suitable breast shield: It should be close enough to the nipple that it is well enclosed, but also wide enough that the nipple can easily move back and forth in the suction funnel

Moisten the hood a little before putting it on
With electric pumps, the Medela breast pump must now be set so that it is pumped with the so-called Maximum Comfort Vaccum, i.e. the pump is initially a little overregulated until it becomes slightly uncomfortable, and then slightly down again. This is how you get the suction strength with the maximum milk output. With a manual breast pump, this setting cannot usually be made, the milk output is correspondingly lower. Use only sterile devices and sterile vials!

The expressed milk can be stored for six to eight hours at room temperature and up to five days in the refrigerator at four degrees, if it is not fed straight away. It can also be frozen at around -18 degrees, then the milk can be kept for up to six months. It is best to defrost gently in the refrigerator, which takes about 24 hours, and never in the microwave, as valuable nutrients are lost.

How does an electric breast pump work?

Breast sucker checklist for mothers

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