How does the expectant mother feel if the baby drinks cold drinks?

How does the expectant mother feel if the baby drinks cold drinks?

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

Since became pregnant, body seems to be on fire. I am not afraid of cold in winter, and I have a stove in summer. In order to alleviate this hot and dry feeling, too many pregnant mothers have a soft spot for eating cold drinks. It seems that only these cold foods can fundamentally solve the feeling of hot body.

It is indeed very embarrassing for these expectant mothers. Their basic metabolism is at least a lot higher than before pregnancy, and the blood flow rate becomes faster. The increase in body temperature after pregnancy is an inevitable phenomenon, especially after entering the third trimester.

Being afraid of heat has become a common reaction of pregnant mothers. Among all cold foods, ice cream is extra favored because of its sweet taste. This is also because sweetness can alleviate human anxiety. Large amounts of consumption may even bring happiness to humans.

But did you know that this kind of cold and delicious food is not beneficial and harmful to pregnant women and fetuses?

For the fetus. The sugar in the sweetness will diffuse through the mother's blood and amniotic fluid, which will hinder the development of fetal brain cells to a certain extent. After the child is born, the reaction is not sharp enough. It may even leave hidden dangers for the child's body obesity after adulthood. In addition, all friends who suffer from eye diseases will be told by the doctor to eat less sweets, because excessive sugar will damage the human optic nerve. Increase the chance of suffering from eye diseases.

For pregnant women, whether it is ice cream or other cold drinks, even cold food just taken out of the refrigerator, when it enters the pregnant mother's body, it will stimulate the uterine contraction to varying degrees. This may increase the risk of miscarriage or premature delivery for women in the first trimester and expectant mothers in the third trimester.

In addition, cold food is also very irritating to the stomach and intestines. Long-term consumption may cause anorexia and partial eclipse of pregnant women. In severe cases, it may cause gastrointestinal cramps. This is extremely dangerous for both the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Of course, in hot weather, pregnant mothers are allowed to eat ice cream once in a while. But remember, eat too fast, eat too much. In addition to cold drinks can alleviate the anxiety caused by the hot body of pregnant mothers, blowing air conditioning is also the first choice for many treasures. However, when blowing air-conditioning, we must also keep these points in mind:

1. The temperature should not be too cold

2. The wind cannot blow directly on the body

3. Do not stay in an air-conditioned environment for a long time.

4. Before using the air conditioner, pay attention to the hygiene of the air conditioner net.

5. The rooms that have used air-conditioning should often open windows for ventilation and replace the fresh air in the room.

After all, pregnant mothers are a special group. Regardless of whether it is in food, housing, transportation and other aspects, they must be strict with themselves. After all, at this moment, you are not alone fighting, and everything you do must be considered. fetus.

Finally, I want to remind pregnant mothers to be calm and cool naturally, give themselves a well-ventilated air, read a book, listen to music, appreciate flowers, and take a warm bath. Both can fundamentally solve the problem of hot body and mind.

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