The baby bottle market is developing rapidly

The baby bottle market is developing rapidly

Jun 08, 2021XieYifang

With the rapid development of the infant milk bottle market and the continuous update of technology, the materials of milk bottle products are also increasing, and the competition between brands has become increasingly fierce. How to get the love and trust of channels and consumers should be the most important thing for each manufacturer.

In addition to breast milk, the bottle is the only tool that allows babies to eat food. Therefore, it has a very broad market and consumer groups. With the innovation of the new generation of parents' thinking and concepts, as well as the rapid development of society, and the needs of work and life, fewer and fewer newborns will be fed breast milk. Therefore, the use rate of baby bottles will also continue to increase. Therefore, manufacturers should always be prepared to welcome the arrival of the new wave of baby booms, seize the opportunity, and open up the market for their own brands.

How big is the baby bottle market?

Bottles are durable goods. Unlike other maternal and child fast-moving consumer goods, the purchase frequency is high. If they are not damaged, they can be used for a long time by simply changing the nipple. The scale of the milk bottle market is difficult to accurately count, but it can be estimated. At present, the average price of infant milk bottles is between 60-80 yuan, and there are 16 million newborns in China every year. Generally, each newborn uses 2 milk bottles during the age of 0-3. The entire infant milk bottle market is roughly 20- 3 billion.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a bottle for mothers and babies?

Quality is the most important factor that determines the terminal's choice of milk bottle, followed by product profit. Manufacturers also have choices, but channels are not the most important of many factors. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring product quality, reasonable pricing, and profitable channels, manufacturers should develop more product performance, continuously improve their own strength, and finally do a good job in after-sales service, so that your products can be recognized by the channels. Many channels reflect that some powerful manufacturers do not do well in after-sales, so they plan to never cooperate again. This will still have a great impact on the manufacturers themselves, so it is very important to do a good job in after-sales. The baby and child industry is an industry that attaches great importance to word-of-mouth. Therefore, only by ensuring the long-lasting stability of the products and the outstanding quality of word-of-mouth can it develop better and better.

What kind of material is good for baby bottles?

In terms of terminal channels, glass baby bottles are the easiest to sell. Of course, this is also the result of their long-term sales of baby bottles of various materials. Glass baby bottles will not produce toxic substances when heated, and will not cause harm to the body of infants and young children, so most consumers are more willing to buy glass baby bottles. The second is plastic baby bottles. Because the sales price of plastic baby bottles is relatively cheap, there are also many channels where plastic baby bottles are also sold very well. Since silicone milk bottle is a kind of milk bottle material that has only appeared in recent years, it may not be recognized by most channels and consumers. Manufacturers need to continue to promote and develop the market. The most noteworthy thing is that the selection rate of stainless steel baby bottles is "0". The main reason may be that stainless steel baby bottles are also a new material, which has not been recognized by many terminal channels. Manufacturers should also continue to promote the advantages of this material.

Of course, the development of the milk bottle market is bound to drive the development of baby bottle warmers.

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