How long does it take to warm the milk with a thermostat to warm the milk to drink

How long does it take to warm the milk with a thermostat to warm the milk to drink

Aug 12, 2021XieYifang

In the past, parents mostly used the traditional way to heat milk, that is, heated by high-temperature water. This method is also feasible, but parents are not very good at controlling the temperature and at the same time not knowing the time. This can easily lead to the milk not being heated through or overheating. Nowadays, most families are equipped with a constant temperature milk heater. How long does it take to heat the milk through the use of a constant temperature milk heater? Parents must read the following carefully to ensure the comfort of the baby's milk.

At present, there are many brands of thermostatic milk heaters on the market, and their functions are becoming more and more comprehensive, which also provides convenience for many parents. In most cases, the thermostat has the following functions:

1. Keep the water temperature. Everyone knows that the optimal temperature of the water for making milk is about 45 degrees, so as to ensure the nutritional value of the milk powder.

2. Thaw breast milk. Many parents will freeze their excess breast milk in the refrigerator. This problem can be solved by using a constant temperature baby bottle warmer.

3. Maintain the temperature of the milk. When the baby is not feeding in time, you can use a thermostat to keep the milk at a constant temperature.

After understanding the function of the thermostat, parents can use it correctly. Under normal circumstances, when the temperature is set at 40 degrees, it will take longer to heat the milk, usually 6 to 10 minutes. If the set temperature is higher than 40 degrees, the heating time will be reduced, but doing so may damage the nutritional value of milk, so 40 degrees is the best.

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It takes a few minutes to eat the warm milk from the breast warmer, and how long does it last?

For mothers, the happiest thing is to see their baby eat well and sleep well, because only in this way can the baby's healthy growth be ensured. But most babies will have various problems when feeding, such as slow feeding, eating while playing, etc. This will cause the baby to drink cold milk which is not good for his health. Therefore, many parents will buy a milk warmer or warmer, which can keep the milk in a stable state. So how many minutes does it take to eat the warm milk with the breast warmer? At the same time, how long can the breast warmer be warmed up by using the breast warmer?

In daily life, the use of the milk warmer is still very wide, because for most parents, the milk warmer is still very easy to operate and can adjust the temperature flexibly. Therefore, using a milk warmer to warm the milk for a few minutes and eat it depends on the temperature set by the parents, and it also depends on the original state of the milk. If the milk is frozen and the temperature is set to 40 degrees, it takes about ten minutes; if the temperature is set to 70 degrees, it takes a few minutes; in addition, if the milk is at room temperature, it takes a few minutes to heat up Drink thoroughly and drink.

At the same time, parents also need to pay attention to using the milk warmer to warm the milk for too long. Because the milk is kept at a high temperature for a long time, it will destroy the nutritional elements in the milk to a certain extent, and it will also cause a certain amount of bacteria to grow in the milk. After the baby drinks it, it will not only have no nutritional value, but will also cause adverse effects.

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