What are the good ways for a three-month baby who doesn't like breastfeeding?

What are the good ways for a three-month baby who doesn't like breastfeeding?

Sep 02, 2021XieYifang

Usually, babies are very focused on feeding during the first two months of life, and they cry when they are hungry and sleep when they are full. There are basically no special circumstances. After three months, most babies start to dislike breastfeeding. They often stop eating and have difficulty concentrating. Let’s take a look at what are some good ways for babies who don’t like breastfeeding for three months?

1. Find a suitable bottle nipple

There are so many pacifiers on the market with different shapes, models, and materials to suit the needs of different babies. You must find the most suitable one.

2. Try to replace different brands of milk powder

If the baby is tired of milk, the mother can try to change the milk powder brand, but we must pay attention to this: change gradually, that is, the new brand milk powder and the old brand milk powder should be alternately eaten first, and then gradually reduce the amount of the old brand milk powder. Change the brand all at once. At the same time, it cannot be replaced too frequently.

3. Remove interference from the external environment

In fact, three-month-old babies are just beginning to be curious about the outside world. They usually develop normally and have good vitality, but their milk supply is temporarily reduced. The main reason why babies do not like breastfeeding is environmental interference, which diverts the baby's attention. When possible, it is best to only have mother and baby in the room during feeding, and it is best not to interfere with noisy sounds.

4. Adjust the baby's milking mood

Do not let your baby do strenuous exercise for a while before feeding. For babies who are fed according to the schedule, it is best to let the playing baby slowly calm down half an hour before each breastfeeding, so that the baby can enter the feeding state when it comes to breastfeeding.

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