How many months can the baby talk?

How many months can the baby talk?

Sep 16, 2021XieYifang

The crying when a baby was born was the first formal language expression in his life. In the beginning, he used his tongue, lips, upper jaw and any new teeth to make sounds. For the first month or two, it was "oh" and "ah". After a while, he would be able to babble.

4-5 months: The baby may occasionally make the first "mother" or "daddy" sound. This doesn't mean that the baby can speak, mom and dad don't get excited, at this time the baby has not really connected these words with you. The true meaning of "Mom and Dad" cannot be understood until the baby is about 1 year old.


6-9 months: The baby can say more. When he muttered to himself or pronounced it, his mother found it interesting to listen to him. In fact, this is a way for the baby to imitate the tone and tone of an adult, and it is also a way of learning to speak. The mother can read to the baby to encourage his babble, or talk to the baby more, let the baby imitate more, and exercise the language ability.

12-17 months: At this time, the baby can already understand the meaning of some words and can speak the words accurately. The baby will even practice changing the tone of voice. When asking questions, the baby will raise the tone and put forward a correct question sentence pattern. At this time, the baby gradually realizes the importance of speech and the powerful power of language in expressing his needs.

1 and a half to 2 years old: The baby may have as many as 200 vocabulary, most of which are nouns. The baby still can't understand how to use the first person, he will call out his name and make a request. Between 18-20 months, the baby's vocabulary learning rate is 10 or more per day. Some babies can learn a new word every one and a half hours. The mother can show the baby some novel things and tell the baby the name of the object, and the baby can learn it very quickly.

2 and a half years old: The baby will start to use "I" and "You" at first, even though he is not very conscious, he is still used to calling himself by his own nickname. Between two or three years of age, the baby's vocabulary will increase to 300 words. He can connect nouns and verbs together to create simple but complete sentences, and his ability to use imperative sentences is greatly enhanced.

3 years old: The baby will be able to talk continuously, and adjust the intonation, speaking pattern, and wording according to the conversation partner. The baby can listen to his mother telling stories and ask some cute questions!

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