How to relieve a baby's runny nose?

How to relieve a baby's runny nose?

Sep 14, 2021XieYifang

When encountering a runny nose, mothers will naturally pick up a tissue or handkerchief to help the baby wipe it off. But if you rub it more often, you will find that your baby's skin is also worn out. But the mothers are really at a loss when watching the baby feel uncomfortable. When the baby has a runny nose, mothers can try the following methods to relieve it.

1. Hot compress: Use a hot and humid towel to apply a hot compress on the baby's nose. After the nasal mucosa shrinks due to heat, the nasal cavity will be smoother, and the sticky nasal mucus is easier to hydrate and flow out. Keep your movements gentle when applying heat. If you find booger in your baby’s nostrils, you can clean it with a cotton swab dipped in water; you can also massage your baby’s nose or both sides of the nose slowly.

2. Face steamer: The face steamer faces the baby's face and exposes him to moisture and heat. The steam can moisten the baby's nasal cavity and expel a large amount of nasal mucus quickly and naturally. When using the face steamer, do not get too close to your baby, so as not to hurt his delicate skin; and it should not be too long for one use, about 3 minutes.

3. Nose aspirator: When the baby’s nose has a lot of secretions and the nasal sound is heavy, the mother can use the nasal aspirator. Pay attention when using it. When sucking one nostril, press the other nostril at the same time, the effect will be better. In addition, the nasal aspirator can suck a large amount of nasal mucus and secretions at a time. Before use, it is recommended that parents check whether there is any booger in the baby's nasal cavity, and keep the movement gentle to avoid getting too deep into the baby's nasal cavity, causing pain or injury, and washing it after use.

Baby Nose Cleaner

4. Hot compress of essential oil: Take the essential oil and drop it on a hot towel or a small handkerchief, and apply it on the baby's nose; or spray it with essential oil spray and spray it in the air.

5. Drip breast milk: The mother drops the expressed breast milk into the baby's nostrils.

6. Raise the head: Put a few small pillows on the mattress under the baby's head on average to make the mattress look like a smooth, 30-degree sliding ladder. Let the baby lie on it and let the nose flow out naturally.

Regardless of whether the baby has a runny nose or a stuffy nose, mothers must keep in mind that they must not go too deep into the baby's nasal cavity to avoid harm to the baby. When the baby has a runny nose, the mother can take corrective measures to help the baby get rid of the nose according to the cause of the baby's runny nose.

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