How to breastfeed a newborn baby?

How to breastfeed a newborn baby?

Aug 24, 2021XieYifang

Many novice mothers are anxious about breastfeeding. They don’t know how to breastfeed, they don’t understand posture or anything, and they don’t dare to hold their babies. Newborn babies are too small, and they are afraid of crushing the baby when they are lying down and breastfeeding. , The baby will be uncomfortable. There is a doctor to teach you when you are in the hospital. Let's take a look with the editor:

1. When feeding a newborn baby, the doctor will teach the mother a way to touch the small face on the side of the baby’s mouth with the finger, and the baby will naturally follow the finger to move in one direction. Drinking milk is the most basic reaction of the baby, as long as the baby Follow the finger or the nipple to put the nipple into the baby's mouth.

2. After the baby opens his mouth, hold the nipple to the baby, it is best to hold the areola together, so that the baby will not easily drink the air, and in order to prevent the baby from choking on the milk, try to hold the newborn Feeding, this can reduce the possibility of the baby choking, although the mother will be a bit hard.

3. When breastfeeding, be careful not to block your baby’s nose. The baby’s mouth is already drinking and can only breathe through the nose. If the nose is blocked, the baby may become stuffy, and the baby is too young. Leave your mouth open, so mothers should not sleep during feeding to prevent abnormalities in the baby.

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