Household management with baby

Household management with baby

Aug 24, 2021XieYifang

Household with a child - a scenario

The baby is sleeping so it is time to clear the table. You go into the kitchen with the empty coffee cup and breakfast dishes. You actually wanted to empty the dishwasher, but the eye falls on the tea towels that have to be washed.

While you are still taking them to the bathroom, your thoughts turn to what you will buy later - the shopping list has yet to be written. Actually, you could be quick to put the laundry in the machine, but go back to the kitchen before you forget what's on the list.

Thoughts are still on the dirty laundry, it occurs to you that the detergent may be running low, so you go back to the bathroom to check.

In passing, you happen to look into the living room, which urgently needs vacuuming again. There is also a burp cloth from the baby that has to go into the laundry. You see the waste paper in the corner and bring it to the front door.

You remember the burp cloth, you get it from the living room to take it to the bathroom. What did you want there again?

As you ponder, you notice that the sink could be cleaned again. Lost in thought, you reach for the rag and notice at a glance that the cleaning agent is almost used up. You put the rag on its side to add to the grocery list in the kitchen.

There it occurs to you that you wanted to check the detergent in the bathroom. In the bathroom you can see the basket with the ironing laundry, which you can quickly bring into the living room.

In this way, time goes by, the baby wakes up again, you have run what feels like a marathon through the apartment, the dishwasher has still not been cleared, the shopping list has not been written, the washing machine is not yet running, and you also notice the windows and those too would have to be cleaned again. But now the baby has priority again.

With your child in your arms, you fetch the vacuum cleaner and place it in the living room next to the ironing as a reminder. It's time to go shopping - hopefully you won't forget anything important without a list.

What can be changed?

The household can also be organized with a child. A budget will help you with this, and it will also help if you don't put yourself under pressure. In a quiet minute, write down which household chores are important and at what intervals they need to be done.

This can be used to create a weekly plan. You can then roughly structure the day in the same way - after all, there are also things that have to be done on a daily basis. Leave out all the things in your plan that can sometimes remain waiting - this is not about perfection, but about a rough structure for organization.

Include the baby

Some things are good to do during a baby's waking hours. If you have a Baby Carrier, your hands are free: It is wonderful to vacuum or wipe dust while your baby feels so close to your body. The shopping list can be added to at any time, and you can also do small tidying up.

Comfortable Baby Carrier

Your child will soon get older and will be able to give you a hand. Use his curiosity and let him help sort the laundry by color. It can be enough for you to hang up clips and small items of laundry: As soon as it can run, it will be happy to help bring unbreakable dishes into the kitchen - of course no sharp objects such as knives or forks - and to put the dishwasher in and out.

It can also put waste paper lying around in the box in the corner and take over other small tasks in between. It's fun, you'll be actively spending time together while even doing some household chores.

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