How to solve the problem that breast milk is too slow to warm with a breast warmer?

How to solve the problem that breast milk is too slow to warm with a breast warmer?

Aug 12, 2021XieYifang

Life in modern society is still under great pressure. Many women are reluctant to stay at home and take care of their children. In this case, breastfeeding mothers need to store milk for their babies, so many mothers will choose to use a breast warmer, but the disadvantage of the baby bottle warmer is that the speed of warming the milk is relatively slow, so use the warmer to warm the breast milk How to solve it if it is too slow?

In daily life, some mothers may directly put breast milk in a microwave oven for heating for convenience and as soon as possible. In fact, this method is very undesirable. When breast milk is heated, the temperature is too high will lead to the loss of nutrients in breast milk, and the baby Eating this kind of breast milk does not have much benefit, and may even cause some problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

If the parent feels that the heating speed of the breast warmer is relatively slow, you can calculate the time for the baby to feed, and put the breast milk in the breast warmer for heating in advance, but it should be noted that the breast milk can only be stored in the breast warmer at a water temperature of 40 degrees. 1-2 hours, breast milk will go bad after a long time, and the baby will easily have diarrhea after taking it.

In addition, the frozen breast milk will also have stratification after heating. This phenomenon is normal. Parents don’t need to worry too much. When feeding breast milk to the baby, shake it gently and evenly, but don’t shake it violently to avoid affecting the breast milk. taste.

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