Does the baby bottle sterilizer need a drying function?

Does the baby bottle sterilizer need a drying function?

Aug 12, 2021XieYifang

The health and safety of the baby are things that parents care about. As the baby's resistance is weak, daily safety and hygiene measures must be taken. Especially for baby’s milk bottles, in order to better clean and disinfect the milk bottles, there are many milk bottle sterilizers on the market. If there are doubts, is a bottle sterilization dryer necessary? Does the Baby Bottle Sterilizer need a drying function?

A baby bottle sterilization dryer is necessary, because after the baby bottle sterilizer uses steam sterilization, a large amount of water droplets will be attached to the wall of the baby bottle. The humid environment will accelerate the reproduction of bacteria. In order to extend the cleaning time of the baby bottle, the baby bottle sterilizer is still It is necessary to have a drying function.

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There are two drying methods:

1. Pull in air from the outside to dry the baby bottle. The air environment is stricter, and the air inlet duct and fan blades of the sterilizer must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution to the baby bottle.

2. Using internal thermal vortex to dry, no need to draw in external air to blow dry the baby bottle.

In addition, the sterilization pot for drying baby bottles usually has the function of periodic and timed sterilization. There is a dedicated baby bottle dryer, which takes away the water droplets attached to the baby bottle through air exchange, thereby reducing the humidity of the baby bottle and achieving the purpose of drying. .

After the baby bottle sterilizer is used for a period of time, the stainless steel electric heating plate will form scale. Excessive scale will affect the normal operation of the sterilizer, causing it to automatically shut down after a few minutes of work. Method of removing scale: Pour edible rice vinegar or citric acid into the electric heating plate. The sterilizer does not need to be energized and soaked for about half an hour, the scale will be eliminated by itself. If there is still scale, wipe it with a scouring pad or replace the rice vinegar. To reduce scale, it is recommended to use pure water. Do not immerse the whole machine in water for cleaning.

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