How to take care of baby's deciduous teeth?

How to take care of baby's deciduous teeth?

Aug 31, 2021XieYifang

The quality of baby's deciduous teeth determines the quality of permanent teeth, so how should the baby's deciduous teeth be taken care of when the child is still young?

1. Can't be ignored during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to their oral health. According to scientific research, the mother herself suffers from moderate and severe periodontitis, which not only easily leads to premature birth or underweight, but also affects the child’s tooth development. Mothers suffering from periodontitis should follow the doctor's instructions, take the medicines on time and in the correct amount, and often supplement substances containing high-quality protein, calcium or phosphorus.

2. 0-1 years old

At this stage, the baby needs to pay attention to two points. One is to protect the gums, pay attention to the breastfeeding posture, and prevent the child from forming buck teeth. The second is to help the baby clean his teeth after the child is six months old. After soaking the sterile gauze with warm water regularly, gently wipe the child's tongue and gums. The incisors are in the initial stage after the child is half year old. At this time, the child can be given complementary food. After the child's front teeth are fully erupted, a baby toothbrush can be used instead of gauze to clean the mouth.

Baby Toothbrush  Size

3. 1-2 years old

During this time, the child's teeth are gradually growing out. During this time, try not to let your child touch sweets, maintain a balanced diet, and take your child for oral examinations regularly. During this time, if the child's enamel is not fully developed, the doctor will treat it with fluoride coating, and the parents should follow the doctor's advice.

It should be noted that if the child is teething abnormally, it is necessary to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

4, 2 years old-3 years old

For children of this age, parents should teach their children to brush their teeth. Parents can slowly teach the steps beside their children and remind the supervision. You need to choose children's toothpaste that contains fluoride on the market and squeeze out a pea-sized amount to prevent children from swallowing toothpaste by mistake. After the child has brushed his teeth, parents must help to check.

Before 5 or 6 years old

During this period of time, children’s teeth are prone to problems, so let the children develop a good habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and evening, and supervise and check the child’s brushing steps and results. Secondly, urge the child to rinse his mouth after the child has a meal. Before the child develops good tooth brushing habits, parents can turn this boring activity into a happy interaction between parent and child brushing their teeth together. In addition, parents should check their children's teeth regularly to prevent dental caries.

The health of teeth is very important for children, so parents should pay attention to the care of their teeth when their children are young, especially the care of deciduous teeth.

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