What are the most common diseases for babies in autumn?

What are the most common diseases for babies in autumn?

Aug 31, 2021XieYifang

In autumn, many babies suffer from the large temperature difference between morning and night and the dry weather. Sick, so in this season, which kinds of diseases are most likely to occur in babies?

1. Respiratory tract infection

In autumn, the temperature changes frequently, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the baby's activity is relatively large, the respiratory mucous membrane is constantly stimulated by the cold air, causing its own resistance to weaken, so the baby will have respiratory diseases such as colds.

Baoma needs to add or remove clothes for the baby in time according to the weather changes. Younger babies need to pay attention to keeping the abdomen warm, let the baby drink more warm water, eat more foods rich in vitamin C, and strengthen the baby's resistance. After your baby is sweating during exercise, do not undress immediately, let alone stand at the air outlet or blow the air with an electric fan or air conditioner.


2. Herpetic pharyngitis

Herpetic pharyngitis is mostly caused by respiratory virus infection. The baby does not want to eat or drink water after suffering from the disease. Continuous high fever, sore throat, some babies will have sticky secretions in their throats,

Bao Ma gives the baby more water and eats less cold food. After the pharynx is cold, the resistance will also decrease. Therefore, if you maintain air circulation, although adults will also have this virus, adults have strong resistance and are not easy to get sick.

3. Flu

Influenza is an acute respiratory infectious disease, and it mostly occurs during the alternating seasons of cold and warm. During this time, parents should take their babies to public places or places with turbid air less. Open windows frequently to maintain air circulation.

Give your baby more water or eat fruits to increase his own resistance. Avoid contact with people who have a cold or rub your eyes with your hands. If touched, wash your hands immediately. Create a good and comfortable sleeping environment when the baby sleeps at night to ensure that the baby sleeps adequately and improve the baby's resistance. If there is a flu situation, get treatment in time.

4. Diarrhea

Due to virus infection in autumn, babies are prone to diarrhea. At this time, parents should always pay attention to the baby's stool. If they find that the stool is watery and has symptoms of cold and fever, then the parents should pay attention to the baby's dietary hygiene and seek medical treatment in time. At the same time, parents should give the baby more water and eat easy-to-digest foods, such as whole-wheat bread or oatmeal.

In the fall, what issues should parents pay attention to when taking care of their babies?

1. Take care of your baby's lips

Babies are prone to dry lips during this season. If parents can moisten their lips with warm water or drink plenty of water to avoid dry lips.

2. Don't use rough towels

In order to avoid damaging the baby's skin, it is recommended that Baoma use a soft towel for the baby. If you use a rough towel, it is easy to damage the baby's skin, and it will also cause the baby's skin to be rough and aging.

3. Give your baby skin care frequently

Due to the dry autumn, babies are prone to dry skin. At this time, parents need to help their children take care of their skin and use skin creams to moisturize.

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