How to use baby bottle warmers correctly and precautions for baby breast warmers

How to use baby bottle warmers correctly and precautions for baby breast warmers

May 25, 2021XieYifang

Question: Will the warm milk in the breast warmer deteriorate after a few hours?

Babies are more than a month old. Usually, they always prepare milk powder first and heat it in the milk warmer. When the baby is hungry, it can be fed to the baby immediately. Because the baby’s feeding interval is variable, sometimes the baby takes four to five hours apart, which is equivalent to the milk powder being prepared and it has been heated in the breast warmer for four to five hours. In this kind of milk warmer around 40 degrees In it, how many hours can the milk powder be kept for a few hours? The unimaginable milk warmer will cause the milk to deteriorate for a few hours. Will it affect the newborn baby who has been eating the milk powder for too long?

Guidance: Hello, if it is one or two hours, it does not matter. If the time is too long, especially in summer, it may not be good. Generally, it is better for babies to drink at any time to flush milk at any time, and then flush them when they feel hungry.

What is the use of baby bottle warmer

1 Keep warm; some babies drink milk intermittently, then put the milk back into the warmer to keep it warm.

2 night use: If the baby wants to drink milk at night, it is very convenient to have a milk warmer, just put it in and heat it.

3 Heating fresh milk: The fresh milk taken out of the refrigerator is often too cold for the baby to drink directly, but if there is a milk warmer, it can be directly heated for the baby to drink. What is the use of baby bottle warmer

4 Heating other foods: A milk warmer equipped with a small bowl and a small lid can heat the baby's rice cereal, juice and other foods in water.

Schematic diagram of baby bottle warmer

Precautions for baby's breast warmer

Pay attention to unplug

No matter what electrical appliance is not in use, it is best to unplug it. This is safer and can reduce many potential safety hazards. If you are not using a bottle warmer, unplug the power cord.

Drink hot milk in time

Drink the milk from the bottle warmer in time. Long-term heat preservation will destroy the nutrients in the milk. Moreover, if the food is kept at a low temperature for a long time, it will also cause the problem of milk deterioration. Therefore, we must pay attention to this aspect during daily use.

Pay attention to the energy-saving function of the bottle warmer

Because most milk warmers have energy-saving functions, it is normal for the indicator light to flash when the milk warmer is warming the milk. When the indicator light is completely off, it means that the milk warming is successful.

Pay attention to the cleaning method

When cleaning the bottle warmer, wipe it with a warm cloth, try not to use detergent, and remember to soak the entire bottle warmer in water.

Pay attention to heating time

In the process of use, pay attention to adjusting the temperature according to different adjustment methods. Do not heat the squeezed milk for a long time, just keep it warm when drinking. If you need to keep warm for a long time, it is recommended to pour warm boiled water into the milk bottle and place it in a milk warmer for constant temperature. Add milk powder and stir when you are ready to eat.

Pay attention to scale

If the milk warmer has scale, it will affect the temperature accuracy of the entire milk warmer. Usually, you can pour an appropriate amount of vinegar into the milk warmer. After soaking for half an hour, plug it in and let it work normally for 10 minutes, and then clean it with cold boiled water. If the scale problem is serious, then It can be repeated several times.

Baby can't touch

Because the outside of the bottle warmer will have residual temperature, it is easy to scald, and there are many switches on the bottle warmer, which may cause the baby to misuse it. Do not let your baby touch the bottle warmer.

Pay attention to heating other foods

Other foods are poured directly into the milk warmer, which may leave many food residues, which are difficult to clean and affect the normal use of the milk warmer. If you need to use a milk warmer to heat other food, remember to fill the milk extractor with water first, and pay attention to cleaning after use. Also pay attention to ensure that its tightness should pay attention to choosing a milk bottle of moderate size.

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