Moms need a travel bottle warmer

Moms need a travel bottle warmer

May 26, 2021XieYifang

When a baby sucks breast milk, the breast milk is at body temperature, so the baby can drink breast milk without heating. Milk at room temperature is also suitable. But in some cases, it is necessary to heat the milk, which is safe and healthy.

For example, when traveling, you may need to consider the following options:

1. Put the bottle in a bowl of hot water, heat and sterilize, and then put the milk in, wait for it to drop to a suitable temperature, and then give it to the baby to drink. Of course, this is a very tormenting process for the baby.

2. Use our kit (including a storage bag and a breast milk warmer) to provide ideal milk for every baby being fed. Our milk bottle warmer intelligently heats the milk to the right temperature based on the starting temperature, bottle type and milk volume.

3. If you are on a journey, you can use a travel bottle warmer like this, which can be easily put into your dressing bag. Available at any time.

Fast Baby Travel Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer 5-in-1

As a reminder, please remember not to heat breast milk in the microwave or boil it. This will destroy all the essential nutrients in the milk, let alone burn the baby’s mouth, because some parts of the bottle will be hotter than others.

Have you ever wondered why you need to put a few drops of milk on your wrist to test the temperature? Just like the skin of a baby, the skin there is thinner and more sensitive. Therefore, this is a reliable test area. Milk should be hotter than hot. Do you remember everything? Then you can start breastfeeding!

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