In the era of refined parenting, which food supplements and nutrients are more popular?

In the era of refined parenting, which food supplements and nutrients are more popular?

Jun 17, 2021XieYifang

What are the trends in the consumption of complementary foods for parents in this era?

Data show that as of 2019, the size of China's mother and child families has reached 278 million. The post-90s and 95s are the main force of the mother and child population, and the proportion of Kochi parents with a bachelor degree or above is high. According to the "Research Report on China's Maternal and Infant Population Consumption and Information Acquisition Channels in 2021" jointly released by Weibo and iResearch, the new generation of mothers and fathers has continuously updated the concept of parenting. They advocate scientific raising of babies and high-end maternal and infant consumption. Obvious trends in integration, refinement and individuation have driven the development of sub-categories in the maternal and infant market.

In the field of complementary foods, consumers have more diverse requirements for the types and efficacy of complementary foods. The market demand for mainstream and rigid-demand products is relatively large. Although the current market scale of potential products is small, they have considerable room for development.

In response to the list of good food supplements and nutrients that parents care about, Sina Childcare has launched three major lists to attract all the people to participate in the list, with a total of 1,0006 votes.

The food supplement with the highest repurchase rate?

In the list of "complementary food with the highest repurchase rate", "rice noodles" has the highest vote rate. On the one hand, there are more cereal supplementary food products on the market, and on the other hand, it meets the basic satiety needs of infants and children, so consumption accounts for a relatively large proportion. However, with the innovation in the production of complementary snacks and complementary foods, and the increase in the demand for other non-satisfaction of infants and young children, the proportion of other complementary snacks will also expand in the future.

For babies with insufficient gastrointestinal function development, cereals are an ideal first supplement for babies. The iron-fortified infant nutritional rice noodles are not easy to cause allergies and are rich in nutrition. Babies are in a period of rapid physical development and need to be supplemented with iron urgently. The iron in fortified iron rice noodles is easier to digest and absorb than the iron in egg yolk, and it is not prone to allergies, which can meet the baby's nutritional needs.

The most recommended food supplement "artifact"?

There may be parents who have been entangled whether to buy a dining chair for their baby, thinking that the baby grows fast, and the dining chair will be gone after a short time. However, among the "artificial food supplements most recommended for purchase", the "baby dining chair" has the highest vote rate.

Many young parents think that it is necessary for babies to eat on the dining chair to develop good eating habits. The dining chair can exercise the baby's ability to eat independently, exercise the coordination of the baby's hands, eyes, and brain, and also free the hands of adults.

The most indispensable nutritional supplement?

In the "most indispensable nutritional supplement" list, vitamin D3 has the highest vote rate. For infants and adolescents, experts suggest that vitamin D supplementation is generally given on a regular basis, and infants should start supplementing vitamin D during confinement. The main function of vitamin D is to promote the absorption of calcium, and it is helpful for preventing calcium deficiency and rickets in babies.

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