Infant nasal aspirator can reduce the risk of secondary diseases

Infant nasal aspirator can reduce the risk of secondary diseases

Jul 19, 2021XieYifang

The nasal aspirator effectively releases the baby's runny nose. Not only did breathing and food intake become better again, the ventilation of the nose, sinuses and ears was also better, and bacteria were not easily spread. This significantly reduces the risk of sinus infections, middle ear infections and bronchitis.

The nasal aspirator always works in the same way: negative pressure ensures that runny or sticky secretions are removed from the baby’s nose. It takes a few seconds to apply it correctly. Commercially available nasal aspirators can be used from birth to childhood.

baby nose sucker

The suction here is generated by electricity-using batteries or electricity. The electric nasal aspirator is particularly effective and can keep the baby's nose away from deep or stuck mucus.

The suction pump does not work quietly. However, the volume remains within limits and is generally accepted by children.

The biggest disadvantage of these models is the price. A good electric nasal aspirator costs at least $30.

Advantages: strong suction, and can also remove deep secretions in the nasal cavity,
Disadvantages: battery powered, noise can irritate children, very expensive and difficult to transport, depending on the model
Price: from about 50 euros
There are many electric models from well-known suppliers, such as brown. The nasal aspirator Olaf is one of the parents' favorites.

Grownsy's products are more reasonable in this category: their prices are about $40 and above.

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