Baby's development in the first three months

Baby's development in the first three months

Jul 19, 2021XieYifang

You can use this developmental calendar to calculate the age of your baby. The most important thing is that we will not only list the baby's developmental steps month by month, but also list them week by week in our development calendar. Enter the date of birth of your child for this purpose. The calendar calculates your baby’s age and shows you appropriate information about the corresponding baby’s development week.

Baby's first month: The mouth and eyes are studying hard

Even if it seems to you that your baby can do nothing but sleep, eat, and change diapers, there is still a lot to do in terms of baby development in these weeks.

This is most likely an exercise in sticking out the tongue and blinking.

You can read detailed information about your baby's weekly development here:

Baby 1 week old: development
Developmental baby: 2 weeks old
Development: Baby 3 weeks old
Baby 4 weeks: Insert foreground

The second month: the first growth is coming by leaps and bounds

Around week 5, your baby will experience the first growth spurt. Then you will clearly see what major developmental steps your baby is taking.

This month, it has shown significantly more reactions to its surroundings. His eyesight has improved, maybe his eyes are already following an object close to it.

Here, you can learn about the most important things now, week after week:

Development: Weeks 5-8
Developing baby: 5 weeks old
Baby 6 weeks old: the first smile!
Developing baby: 7 weeks old
Development: Baby 8th week

Month 3: It laughed!

In the third month of life, the baby’s laughter speeds up all heartbeats, allowing you to temporarily forget sleepless nights and restless nights. His interest in things around him is constantly increasing.

Learn more about the surprises of baby development week after week.

Development: Week 9-12
Baby 9 weeks: What are the developmental steps?
Babies 10 weeks old: is the first infection coming?
Development: Baby 11 weeks old
Babies 12 weeks old: a new surge is coming

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