Is it good for children to drink walnut milk for a long time?

Is it good for children to drink walnut milk for a long time?

Aug 20, 2021XieYifang

There are more dairy products now, and walnut milk is a more common one. Everyone likes to drink walnut milk because they like the taste of walnuts. Walnuts have high nutritional value and are rich in dha, which is helpful for brain development. Therefore, some parents often give their children walnut milk. So, is it good for children to drink walnut milk for a long time?

Children can drink walnut milk for a long time. Walnut milk is a milky beverage made with walnut kernels and purified water as the main raw materials, then processed, scientifically formulated, and then subjected to high-temperature sterilization or aseptic packaging. It can invigorate the spleen and stomach, replenish qi and blood, nourish the lungs, and nourish the mind. It is also helpful to prevent high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.


Walnut kernels are rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids needed by the human body. These components are very helpful to the metabolism of brain tissue cells, and can nourish brain cells and enhance brain function. In addition, walnut kernels also contain a lot of vitamin E, which can moisturize the skin and make the hair darker when given to the child for a long time, which is of great help to the child's physical development.

The nutritional value of walnut milk is still relatively high. Parents can give it to their children, but three meals a day should be eaten normally. Walnut milk cannot be used as a staple food. The usual food should be diversified to ensure balanced nutrition, and children should not be allowed to develop a habit of partial eclipse, which affects nutritional intake. In addition, let the children exercise more and strengthen their physique.

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