Is it okay for children to take probiotics every day?

Is it okay for children to take probiotics every day?

Aug 20, 2021XieYifang

Many parents know that the baby's gastrointestinal function is relatively weak, and diarrhea and constipation are prone to occur if they are not paying attention. Proper supplementation of probiotics can regulate the baby's intestines and stomach. Some parents think that since probiotics are good for children, they should often supplement them. So, is it okay for babies to keep taking probiotics? Is it okay for children to take probiotics every day? Let's take a look at it together.

The baby's intestines are gradually developing, and the intestinal micro-ecosystem is constantly improving. Therefore, the baby can gradually regulate the gastrointestinal health by itself. The baby is healthy and well-developed, so there is no need to supplement the baby with probiotics.


Generally speaking, a child’s proper intake of probiotics can promote digestive function and maintain gastrointestinal health. However, it is not recommended to supplement the child with probiotics every day, because long-term probiotics will cause side effects and make the child’s intestines probiotics. The bacteria have a certain degree of dependence. Taking probiotics for a long time will also cause the child's flora to lose balance.

If the baby has diarrhea and constipation for a long time, and the intestinal flora is also out of balance, probiotics can be appropriately supplemented to the child. However, probiotics only play a role in conditioning and cannot be completely treated. Therefore, it is not recommended to add probiotics to the baby deliberately. Unless necessary. In addition, ensure that your baby's diet is diversified, and eating more foods rich in dietary fiber can also help your baby to take in probiotics.

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