Is the baby's flatulence indigestion?

Is the baby's flatulence indigestion?

Aug 31, 2021XieYifang

When the baby is in the infant period, because the development of various organs is not very mature, it is easy to develop flatulence. Especially after each breastfeeding, if the flatulence in the body is not discharged in time, it is easy to cause abdominal pain. Let's take a look with the editor below. Is the baby's flatulence indigestion?

Is the baby's flatulence indigestion?

Yes. The baby’s flatulence may be caused by cold or indigestion. It may also be caused by eating some food that is too cold, or not paying attention to keeping warm when playing. First of all, it is recommended to eat a lighter diet and improve the food condition in time. In terms of staple food It's best to make some millet yam porridge for children, because millet yam porridge can help relieve the child's stomach flatulence.

Properly let the baby drink some water. It is recommended to give the baby some drugs that regulate gastrointestinal function. Give the baby a moderate amount of warm water, eat small meals and eat more meals, which is easy to digest and absorb. You can use multi-enzyme tablets or Feierbao for observation. Review.


Will the baby's flatulence cause vomiting up?

It may cause spitting up. After the baby has finished drinking, the lower part of the stomach is filled with milk and the upper part is filled with air, which will cause pressure on the stomach, causing milk overflow and spitting up. Milk vomiting mainly occurs in babies under one year of age, and usually does not affect the growth of the child, because the baby's gastrointestinal tract has not been fully developed, and it just grows up gradually. Keep your baby quiet for at least 20 minutes after feeding, hold it upright and walk, avoid strenuous activities and lie down.

Baby spitting up milk is a kind of self-protection, because he will spit out the excess milk if he eats too much. Appropriate massage can promote bowel movement and exhaust, thereby alleviating the baby's stomach bloating. The baby’s gastrointestinal digestive system is immature, and the content of lactase in the small intestine is insufficient or lacking. Whether it is milk or lactose in breast milk, it enters the large intestine when it is not fully digested in the small intestine, where it is fermented to produce acid and gas. The baby swallows air into the belly while drinking milk, and the baby who drinks the bottle is more likely to swallow air. If the baby does not burp in time after feeding, the gas tends to rise, so often the baby will lie down and fall asleep soon, the gas will rise. If the stomach contents are taken out, the baby will be awakened easily if the milk overflows.

When the baby develops flatulence, it may be caused by indigestion, but it may also be caused by eating fast or accumulating food. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of prevention in daily life, so as not to cause unnecessary impact on the baby's health.

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