If your child sweats, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sick. Don’t think about it!

If your child sweats, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sick. Don’t think about it!

Oct 09, 2021XieYifang

In the summer, many mothers often find that their children are always sweating. It seems that they will sweat no matter what they are doing. They will sweat after eating, they will sweat when they sleep, and they will also sweat after playing. Out of the concern of parents, these mothers may feel that there is something wrong with the child's body. Either the body is weak, or the nutritional supplement is not enough, but in fact, sometimes some worry is unnecessary, because it is actually a normal phenomenon for children to sweat in the summer.


So what are the reasons for children sweating?

1. Children love to sweat

Children themselves actually love to sweat. First of all, because their basal metabolic rate is relatively high, and the children themselves are more afraid of heat, but they are particularly active in life, and naturally sweat more. Similarly, in life, many parents worry about their children’s "cold cold", so they wear a lot of clothes for their children. If you cover the heat in the summer, the child will naturally sweat, which means that the child itself loves to sweat.

2. The child sweats when breastfeeding

In fact, it is a normal phenomenon for a child to sweat when breastfeeding, because when a child is breastfeeding, he has to work hard. The child will naturally sweat, and sometimes the child will suck the teat forcefully. Sweat easily. So parents don’t have to worry at all. Moreover, the child's own immune system and various physical indicators are not fully developed, so sweating is a matter of course, parents should not make a fuss.

3. The child sweats while sleeping

Why do children sweat when they sleep? This is because children's metabolism is very fast, and the children themselves have more capillaries, so they are more likely to sweat than adults. And after entering the summer, because the outside environment temperature is relatively high, the child's body will naturally sweat more in order to balance the body temperature. In fact, this is physiological sweating, which is a normal phenomenon.

In fact, it can be clearly seen that if the baby simply sweats, it will not affect the health, because this is not a physical problem, so parents should not think about it.

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