Comparing several methods of making food supplements, is the food supplement machine worth buying?

Comparing several methods of making food supplements, is the food supplement machine worth buying?

Jun 21, 2021XieYifang

Steamer + cooking machine/mixer match

I bought a portable cooking machine about five years ago. The usage rate of this machine in our house is quite high.

If it is used to whipped steamed and cooked food that is very soft and moist, the effect is still okay.

But sometimes it is still not very effective:

1. If the food is too little or too thick, the machine will not work. The machine can only work when the proportion of food and water is appropriate, but the texture produced by this is milkshake-like, which is too thin for my sister;

2. When making meat, the fish is okay, while the meat with fascia such as pork and beef is either a whole piece that cannot be broken, or the fascia of the meat will be tightly wrapped around the knife head and bottom as the knife head rotates. In the gap, the knife head of the cooking machine cannot be disassembled and cleaned. It takes a long time to clean the knife head after each meat beating.

in conclusion:

Foods such as leafy vegetables and meat are grainy, and the blade cannot be removed from the mixer. It is difficult to clean. Cleaning the dirt left by the dead corner will increase the risk of food contamination during the preparation of complementary foods. It is not recommended to use in the initial stage of complementary foods. Pay great attention to cleanliness at the stage.

Steamer + cooking stick match

The cooking stick is very convenient, can play all kinds of things, and is easy to clean.

When I used the cooking stick, my daughter was almost 1 year old, so there was no requirement for the delicateness of the food. I only used the cooking stick to beat when making some rice cakes.

Then my experience is:

1. If whipping liquid food, use the cooking stick with a tall cooking cup, otherwise the food will easily spill out when whipping;

2. Because it is manual operation, the character of the food is not easy to grasp each time, and it is not as fast as machine mixing, but the advantage is that it is flexible, basically all foods can be beaten, wet and dry;

3. If the mashed food is not delicate enough, the graininess is more obvious, and if the amount of preparation is relatively large, it will take a long time.

in conclusion:
Cooking sticks can be used when starting to eat granular food in the mid-stage of complementary foods, but cooking sticks are not recommended in the early stages of complementary foods.

Seriously thinking about Dr. Ma Lei's words, I still sigh. When many friends or mothers asked me if I need to buy a food supplement machine, my answer was more from the perspective of where I am now.

Because my child is no longer in the initial stage of complementary food, I don't care too much about whether the food produced by the complementary food tool is delicate or not, nor does it empathize well with the care when my mother added complementary food to the child at the beginning.

Looking back now, when my brother added supplementary food, I was a mother for the first time, and when I added supplementary food to my son, I was both excited and nervous. I was afraid that anything that I did not pay attention to would adversely affect the growth and development of my body.

At that time, I was staring at my brother's excrement every day. Why did I pull carrots today?

Why is today's Baba densely fluffy like hair?

Why is Xiaomi still whole? Is it indigestible?

Is the food supplement not good enough?

Is there something wrong with the intestines?

Every day a series of questions appeared in the mind of that shit, and then it was another meal to check the information. At that time, raising children was really based on books.

If you ask me now, should I buy a food supplement machine in the initial stage?

I will answer you: If you have a sufficient budget, it is best to buy a better multifunctional baby food maker.

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