Comprehension of doing food supplement for seven years

Comprehension of doing food supplement for seven years

Jun 21, 2021XieYifang

In the past seven years, on the way of making food supplements for my son (brother) and daughter (sister), from buying various food supplement tools, food books to food making, I have spent a lot of thought and money, and lost a lot of pitfalls. .

Let's take a look at the complementary food tools we bought together in those years, where are the slots:

Complementary food tool kit sold as a complete set

This set of things I call: the death suit.

The key to making complementary foods is safety, quickness and sanitation, but the default production process of this set of tools is cumbersome, and there are slags that are mashed and ground.

From an economic point of view, this is called: It seems cheap, but the price is not high.

Food supplement grinding bowl

This food supplement bowl is actually durable. I also recommended a lot of friends to buy it. But now think about it, the most practical thing about this bowl is that it is just a bowl.

If you want to use it to make rich food supplements, it is impossible.

Net red complementary food scissors

Back then, it was purely attracted by its unique shape. In the role of scissors, it really can't cut anything other than the cooked noodles!

The greens are cut constantly in the leaf veins, and the cut is not strong enough.

In the end, I became a sculpting mold for my brother to play with plasticine. It is better to find a good place than to sit idle.

Traditional single-function food supplement machine

The single-function food supplement machine has always been the most polarized food supplement tool. Some people think that it is super convenient to recommend; others say that it is unnecessary to waste chicken ribs.

To be honest, I was very entangled in my previous attitude towards food supplement machines.

I know that the baby’s swallowing ability is developing in the early stage of complementary food. The preparation of liquid and delicate mud-like food for the child in the early stage of complementary food allows the child to adapt and exercise the ability to swallow. When the child’s swallowing ability is not mature, granular food will increase the child’s choking. risk.

It stands to reason that, if possible, it is best to use a food supplement machine to make baby food at the early stage of the child's food supplement.

But at the same time, I also deeply believe that the traditional food supplement machine has obvious slot points: small capacity and single function. In addition to making a small amount of muddy food, it can't do other things, resulting in a short use time of the food supplement machine.

Tell me the story of me and the food supplement machine

When my brother ate food supplement six years ago, I bought the baby food maker that was in charge of the appearance: French beaba.

At that time, the feeling was that the cooking tray was too small to steam much. Although it was an all-in-one steaming and cooking machine, most of the time, the food was steamed in a separate pot and then beaten with beaba.

It took about two months. After my brother stopped eating muddy food, the machine was left unused. I didn't expect to have a second child back then, so I gave it away.

When my sister was preparing to add supplementary food a year ago, I learned from the experience of a child. I thought that the food supplement machine does not need to be expensive. Anyway, it will soon become unavailable, so I bought a set with the mentality of choosing transitional supplies. Little white bear food supplement machine.

The advantage is that the price is cheap, but the following problems have appeared in the process of use:

1. The smell of plastic is very heavy every time it is heated, which makes me faintly worried about the safety of the material;

2. The whipping of food is severely uneven, and there are often lumps of food, which requires repeated whipping to make it slightly better;

3. The machine cannot set the cooking time, you need to check the cooking time by looking at the watch yourself.

It took about a week or so. One day, I took my sister to take a nap. As usual, I went to sleep too. As a result, the water in the food supplement machine dried up and the machine broke.

Some time ago, a few friends were chatting, and they couldn’t stop talking about complementary foods. Everyone agreed that cooking sticks are very useful. They said that cooking sticks at the stage of complementary foods are basically enough. At this time, Dr. Ma Lei expressed that it is different from ours. Opinion: It is not recommended to use cooking sticks to make complementary food in the early stage of complementary food.

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