Milk warmer vs milk regulator

Milk warmer vs milk regulator

Jun 15, 2021XieYifang

On a cold night in a certain month of a certain year, the editor was going to give the baby warm milk, because it took a long time to wear a coat, so I caught a cold the next morning. Someone told me that there are milk warmers and milk regulators, why don't you know how to use them? Oh, which one is more practical, a bottle warmer or a milk regulator? No, what is the difference between them?

Baby Instant Warmer

Take a closer look and see that most milk warmers do not have a separate water container. Whether it is water, milk or complementary food, they must be placed in their respective containers and then heated in the heating plate of the milk warmer. Therefore, the main purpose of the milk warmer can be summarized into three points: 1. Heating the breast milk taken out of the refrigerator; 2. Temporarily keep the baby's bottled milk warm; 3. Heating rice cereal, fruit juice and other foods.

The milk regulator is usually equipped with a boiling cup, the main function is to boil the water and keep it at a temperature suitable for preparing milk powder, which is used to prepare milk powder to feed the baby. When using a milk regulator, it’s best for moms to boil hot water in advance, and then let it enter a constant temperature state throughout the day, so that when the baby wants to drink milk, they can prepare it at any time and prepare the warmth in the shortest time Milk.

One is with a bottle, one is without a bottle, one is mainly warm milk, and the other is warm water. The difference between the two is roughly here. But machines are dead, humans are alive, and the potential of our brains is unlimited. Is it okay to use warm milk for warm water? Just add a bottle! Is it ok to warm the milk with warm water? Treat it as a heated water, properly drip!

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