National standard "Sanitary Requirements for Ultraviolet Sterilizers" released

National standard "Sanitary Requirements for Ultraviolet Sterilizers" released

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

Recently, the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration and the National Standardization Administration have approved the release of 14 national standards including Hygienic Requirements for Ultraviolet Sterilizers, General Requirements for Air Disinfectants, and Hygienic Requirements for Ozone Sterilizers. The newly released standards are organized and formulated by the National Health Commission and the National Food and Drug Administration, and mainly involve key areas that are urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control, such as disinfectants, disinfection equipment, and medical equipment.

The issued "Ultraviolet Sterilizer Hygiene Requirements" (GB 28235—2020) will be officially implemented on November 1, 2020, replacing the "Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer Safety and Hygiene Standards" (GB 28235—2011), the main revised content of the standard Including: revised the standard name and scope of application; deleted "specifications and classifications" and "names and models" that do not belong to product safety and sanitation requirements; added ultraviolet water sterilizers and ultraviolet substances to the content of ultraviolet air sterilizers Table of relevant requirements for sterilizers; appendix A "Life Test Method", Appendix B "Air Disinfection Simulation Field Test", Appendix C "Air Disinfection Field Test", Appendix D "Water Disinfection Laboratory Microorganism Killing Test", appendix E "Water Disinfection Simulation Field Test and Field Test", Appendix F "Object Surface Disinfection Laboratory Microbial Killing Test" and Appendix G "Object Surface Disinfection Simulation Field Test and Field Test", etc.

2020 UV Sanitizer box

GB 28235 "Ultraviolet Sterilizer Hygiene Requirements" stipulates the raw material requirements, technical requirements, application scope, use methods, inspection methods, signs and packaging, transportation and storage, nameplates and instructions for use and precautions for uv light sanitizer box. It is applicable to C Ultraviolet ray (wavelength range of 200~280 nm) is an ultraviolet sterilizer with sterilization factor.

As a common physical disinfection method, ultraviolet light has been widely used in indoor air disinfection in medical treatment, sanitation, pharmacy, public places, etc. It is also used in the disinfection of drinking water, sewage and surface of objects. As a national standard for ultraviolet disinfection and management, GB 28235 "Hygiene Requirements for Ultraviolet Sterilizers" has strong practicability and operability for the production, application units, sanitary inspection and sanitary supervision institutions of ultraviolet sterilizers.

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