Not enough milk? This is what you can do

Not enough milk? This is what you can do

Oct 23, 2021XieYifang

New mothers often worry about not being able to produce enough breast milk. If your baby is healthy and well-developed, you may be fine. Your breasts produce milk based on supply and demand. If you breastfeed your baby as needed, you will naturally produce the right amount of milk.

However, your baby may not be full because she is growing. This usually happens between the 8th and 10th days, between the 5th and 6th weeks, and between the 3rd and 4th months. The baby then asks for the breast more frequently, which naturally stimulates milk production. This phenomenon is called cluster feeding.

If your baby is satisfied with the milk, the stool is soft and yellow, and the diaper has been wet for about 6 months (including 3 stools in the first 4-6 weeks), looks happy and satisfied, and does not need to give her extra baby food (This means that your milk supply will decrease because demand will decrease).

Tips for increasing milk volume:
Breastfeeding more frequently: After 24 hours of breastfeeding more frequently, milk production usually adapts to increased demand.
Change sides more frequently: Have your baby suck from both sides each time you feed. In order to better empty both breasts, switch sides several times (ping-pong breastfeeding).
Prolong skin contact: allow the release of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin that promote lactation.
Take care of yourself: Eat a balanced and adequate diet, drink enough water, and give yourself a break.
Milking after breastfeeding: The breasts are completely emptied, thereby producing more milk.
Breast massage before and after sucking, you can use a Lactation Massager.

Lactation Massager Function diagram
Pull more frequently for an hour (Power Pumping)
Power pump
During Power Pumping, the breast pump will mimic the behavior of group feeding to increase your milk production. This method can help you in the following situations:

If your baby is in a growth spurt
If you are separated from your baby and have reduced milk supply due to stress
If the amount of breast milk decreases before menstruation
If your baby is born too early and you cannot breastfeed, if your baby is too weak to breastfeed and is separated from you. This method allows you to maintain milk supply.
If you are breastfeeding normally and want to stimulate your milk supply quickly, you can also use the Power Pumping method.

Suction with a breast pump-how does it work?

Ardo Alyssa is the world's first Electric Breast Pump with automatic Power Pumping program. This is an interval milking program, predefined as one hour, divided into:

20 minutes draw, 10 minutes rest, 10 minutes draw, 10 minutes rest, 10 minutes draw

Due to the short break between pumping and each new stimulation, the level of prolactin (a hormone secreted by breast milk) will increase, thereby promoting lactation.

Although the duration of the pumping and pause phases are preset using the Alyssa breast pump, you can adjust the vacuum and cycle settings at any time according to your personal needs.

If you are not sure whether to schedule one or more Power Pumping sessions per day, please contact your midwife or breastfeeding consultant. She will be in the best position to tell you which speed is best for your situation.

Some women can increase their milk volume very quickly with the help of Power Pumping, while for other women, it may take up to two weeks to see changes. The important thing is that you find a method that suits you and don't make yourself difficult.

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