Inferiority complex can easily lead to mental illness

Inferiority complex can easily lead to mental illness

Oct 20, 2021XieYifang

People's inferiority complex is inherent. People are at a physical, psychological, and social disadvantage in the infant and child period, and they can only rely on adults for survival, which will inevitably produce inferiority complex. In most cases, this inferiority complex is a normal reaction and can drive people to realize their potential. Inferiority urges people to overcome inferiority and pursue success, which is the driving force for personality development. If you are overwhelmed by inferiority complex, you will have an inferiority complex, leading to mental illness, such as neurosis.


The pursuit of superiority is to compensate for inferiority complex. There are two different ways of pursuing superiority. One kind only pursues personal superiority and rarely cares about others; the other kind pursues superiority and perfect society, and strives for everyone's benefit. The pursuit of superiority is also two-sided. Proper pursuit can promote personal development and benefit society; if you pursue too much, you will easily go to extremes, produce superior emotions, and show self-centeredness, conceit, neglect of others and social customs.

One's lifestyle in pursuit of superior goals is the lifestyle. Children form a life style around the age of 5, and it varies from person to person. The subsequent family relationships, living conditions and experience will determine the life characteristics of a child's life. The first is the birth order. In the family, the parenting style and the amount of attention of parents will vary according to the child’s birth order. Siblings will compete for the attention of their parents. Normally, the eldest son is smart and needs achievement, but is afraid of competition; the second son has Strong resistance; the youngest child is lazy and difficult to achieve ambitions. The personality of the only child is similar to that of the eldest son.

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