Nutrition and functionalization lead the new trend of complementary food

Nutrition and functionalization lead the new trend of complementary food

Jun 16, 2021XieYifang

Complementary snacks have become an urgently needed drainage location for stores due to low unit prices and random consumption. They are also the core of the food strategy of maternal and child stores at this stage. Some brands have gained insights into this and grasped the new trend of nutrition and functionalization for the industry. Infuse a powerful category.

There is huge room for the development of my country’s nutritional products and complementary snacks industry. There is not no functional complementary snacks on the market now, but these complementary snack brands shout "concepts" too loudly, but in fact they cannot meet the nutritional needs of consumers and create nutrition. Type and functional food supplement brands also need to rely on the advantages of brand, research and development, and channels to build a brand "moat" with strength.

Nutrition and functionalization become a new trend

In recent years, mothers have paid more and more attention to the nutritional functions of snack foods, and they are no longer just focused on safety and deliciousness. The new generation of consumers habitually look at labels when they choose foods. They pay more attention to nutritional ingredients and the effectiveness of finished products. Nutritional and functional complementary foods have become the core criteria for product selection after consumer demand upgrades.

As consumers deepen their understanding of snack food products, the industry urgently needs a breakthrough in differentiated products, nutrition, functionalization, or a new trend in the development of the baby food industry.

It is understood that Angel Newt has launched a functional supplementary food brand scout, which uses fermentation technology to enhance the flavor, texture and nutrition of snacks, and creates seven single products in three series: "freeze-dried", "baked" and "puffed", including Add Bb-12 probiotics, hawthorn yeast, a variety of prebiotics, 3 types of soluble beans, fermented small steamed buns, two types of rice cakes and one puff.

The baby food supplement industry is still immature. In the low-end market, various products are mixed and the product technology content is low. In the mid-to-high-end market, only a few companies have gained a certain market share through differentiation and branding. Established a good image of the brand.

As the functional snack food market slowly develops, competition will become fierce, but in the future, only powerful companies will have the opportunity to take root in this field. Not every company can become a functional baby food maker brand in the professional industry.

Baby food machine

Huge room for development

The growth rate of milk powder as the "main coffee" in the maternal and infant industry has slowed year by year, and there is still huge room for growth in nutritional products and complementary snacks. With the ever-improving regulatory policies of the complementary food industry and the continuous deepening of the concept of scientific parenting, under the joint promotion of the power of the three parties, the scale of complementary food for infants and young children has continued to rise.

With the changes in consumption concepts and the introduction of government policies on improving the nutritional level of residents, the infant complementary food industry has moved forward steadily.

In addition, the global demand for complementary foods for infants and young children is also increasing year by year. As the largest market for complementary foods for infants and young children in the world, the Asian region accounts for 42.86% of global sales. This is mainly due to the huge population base and high birth rate in the region. , As long as this market demand is still there, there is still room for development of complementary snacks. The food supplement machine will usher in a big breakthrough in the future.

Build the brand "Moat"

In recent years, the nutritional trend of complementary snacks is "Zhengxiang", and there are not a few brands that follow the trend to position "functionality", but behind the functionality is bound to be a hard work, and any success is not so easy to replicate.

To create a nutritional and functional supplementary snack brand, the requirements for the company are also very high. It will greatly test the strength of brand endorsement, R&D technology and channel marketing. Only when the product and effect are integrated to help the brand quickly establish a functional positioning, can it compete with others Brands are differentiated and occupy a place in the market.

The remarkable feature of nutritional and functional complementary food terminals is that they are born with professional empowerment, because the function of the product needs to be explained in a targeted manner, and the market can be won by cultivating consumers. In addition, stores need to improve their service levels, re-adjust the product structure, and improve customer stickiness and efficiency, as well as the deep empowerment of complementary food brands. The brand concept needs to be matched with the empowerment ability in order to get close to the new generation of consumers with a rational and rational route.

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