Cleverly handle children's emotions to create families with high EQ

Cleverly handle children's emotions to create families with high EQ

Jun 16, 2021XieYifang

Educational experts point out that at the age of 0-3, the child’s sense of security comes from the caring care of parents; at the age of 3-12, the child’s sense of security comes from high-quality parent-child companionship; at the age of 12, the child’s sense of security comes from Self-confidence and independence, these are closely related to the development of good emotions for parents and children.

Emotion management plays an extremely important role in parent-child relationship and is an eternal topic throughout family life. Many troubles and pains also come from the mishandling of emotions. Being able to properly handle emotions and transforming emotions is an indispensable skill and weapon for children to enter society in the future. On the contrary, it will seriously affect the child's interpersonal relationship, learning ability, and even the future quality of life.

Because of the importance of emotional management, the KDC Parent University under Zhixing Huaxia shares the well-known professors, deans, principals, and teachers of Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Shijia Education Group, and international Yale University, Lu Experts from the University of Brunei and Columbia University formed a professional curriculum development team to carefully create a systematic guide to solve children's emotional problems and teach you the secrets of emotional management.

It is understood that Beijing Zhixing Huaxia Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhixing Huaxia") is committed to providing professional family education solutions for families, schools, and kindergartens. Its parent company Golden Bridge Education Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Summary 16 years of family education experience has formed a comprehensive professional theoretical system, which has helped tens of thousands of families solve problems such as test anxiety, character rebellion, and irritable behaviors. Parents can master scientific and practical family education methods, promote family harmony, and endow children with excellence Character and self-development ability!

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Many parents around me often complain: my son is too temperamental and will roll around if he doesn’t agree; my child can’t listen to rejection, cry if he doesn’t want to do things, and can’t coax him anyway; my daughter just goes to the mall. I want ice cream and dolls. The dolls in the house are piled up. If I don’t buy it, I will yell and lose face. When a child encounters a setback, he shrinks, lacks self-confidence, and is timid; such a small child has a very strong self-esteem and can’t. Tolerate failure, be happy if you win, and lose your temper if you lose.

These are typical problems that are particularly common and difficult to deal with in the process of getting along with their children. In the final analysis, they are all emotional problems of the children.

The emotional management ability directly affects the children's emotional intelligence. Harvard professor Daniel Gorman, known as the "father of emotional intelligence", believes that emotional intelligence includes five aspects: understanding oneself, self-management, self-motivation, recognizing the emotions of others, and handling interpersonal relationships. It can be seen that each part is closely related to emotional management.

The first step in emotional management is to be the master of emotions, to be able to control your emotions, and to learn to live in harmony with emotions, instead of being a slave to emotions and being overwhelmed by your own negative emotions.

So how to deal with children's bad emotions and make them the masters of emotions?

First of all, parents should pay attention to their children for the first time, and understand the reasons for their children’s bad emotions, so as not to blame, not subjectively judge, have empathy and accept the children’s emotions, of course, if they can use body language, such as hugging, touching the child, etc. Even better, help children release their negative emotions in a way that is acceptable to them.

Important courses such as "How to Cleverly Handling Children's Emotions", "Compulsory Courses for Primary School Parents, Children's Emotions" and "Middle School Students Emotion Management" polished by the professional R&D team of KDC Parent University, teach you to easily master the steps to deal with children's emotions and easily deal with parents and children Conflict, irritable mood, low self-esteem, rebellion and other difficult problems will enable parents to be able to deal with children's various emotions handily, cope with ease, and cultivate high EQ talents and parents.

In summary, learning emotional management is not only conducive to the child’s physical and mental health, but also helps to improve the child’s interpersonal relationship and problem-solving ability, helps the child form a good character, cultivates the child’s emotional intelligence, and thus contributes to the success of the child’s life. Lay the foundation.

Adhering to the concept of "ignite the desire for children to grow up", Zhixing Huaxia has been providing advanced family education solutions for children and families aged 0-25, insisting on developing science, systems, and close to actual combat, and at the same time suitable for children and adults of different ages to learn The family education courses, as well as adult interpersonal communication, psychological counseling, stress relief and other courses, will output the most practical family education concepts, methods and tools to each family.

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