Operation steps of baby food maker

Operation steps of baby food maker

Jun 12, 2021XieYifang

1. Push the unlock button inward to open the cooking cup lid.

2. Put the ingredients in the basket. For even cooking, do not fill the basket too full (maximum 300 g).

3. Use the cooking guide (page 18) to check the amount of water and use the scale (1 to 3) of the cooking cup to measure the amount of water.

4. Pour water into the water tank.

5. Place the basket in the cooking cup. Align the protrusions of the basket so that it fits the water outlet of the cooking cup.

6. Fit the hole at the bottom of the cooking cup into the protruding part of the main body.

7. Hold the handle and turn the cooking cup to the left until you hear a click. Check the location of the “steam vent” on page 2 to make sure it is not blocked by food debris or dripping water.

8. After closing the lid of the cooking cup, press the lock button from above to secure the cooking cup.

9. Insert the power plug into the socket. A beep sounds, and the logo and steam mark flash once.

10. Press the cooking button once. The sign and the steam sign will light up, and steam cooking will start.

11. After the steaming is complete, you will hear three beeps and the sign goes out.

12. Press the cooking button once to turn off the steam mark.

13. Push the unlock button inward to open the cooking cup lid.

14. Pass the spatula through the slit at the top of the basket and remove the basket. Due to the high temperature, do not remove it directly by hand.

* You can store the cooking liquid in the cooking cup in a separate container, mix it with the ingredients and apply to the hardness according to the age of the month, or use it according to your cooking preferences. Mixed cooking (chopping/mixing)

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