The multi-functional travel breast warmer is very good to reduce the burden on parents

The multi-functional travel breast warmer is very good to reduce the burden on parents

Jun 12, 2021XieYifang

Introduced a bottle warmer that can be used to flush milk from a bottle to facilitate the preparation of meals around the baby. We have selected high-functional products that can not only heat and preserve milk, but also heat and defrost baby food, and sterilize and sterilize it. There is no need to transfer hot water to the baby bottle, and only the required amount can be prepared in a short time, which is very convenient. Some products are very suitable for people who lack one-stop childcare services or want to reduce their daily burden!

You can save the trouble of boiling water and cooling milk! A multifunctional bottle warmer that is very useful for childcare. After heating the baby bottle to the set temperature with hot water, the baby bottle can be kept at the optimal temperature of 40°C to 70°C required for milk production. In addition, it is very convenient because it can be widely used for heating baby food and frozen food, as well as sterilizing nursing equipment. Is the strongest helper for one-stop parenting.

3 stemps of milk bottle

A mobile bottle that is convenient for making milk on the go. We have selected mobile baby bottles with high thermal insulation properties from major manufacturers such as GROWNSY, which can be used by mothers who are fluttering on the road. There are also high-performance milk bottles, the temperature is clear at a glance, convenient for milk powder lovers. Recommended for those who want to make their daily outings easier.

A stainless steel magic bottle used to prepare thermos milk. With the high heat retention of the vacuum flask, it can be kept at 69 ℃ or higher for 6 hours. One-touch open type, even if your hands are full, you can quickly make milk, and the spout is detachable for easy maintenance. We have various character designs, such as Mickey and Miffy, which will make your baby happy.

Ultra-lightweight, compact stainless steel bottle for milk preparation. The water outlet that can be opened with one push and easily clipped to the edge of the bottle is a convenient point for making milk anytime, anywhere. The double vacuum structure keeps warm and cold, so it can be used for a long time even after the baby grows up.

A milk bottle that is convenient for making milk every day. We have selected a playful milk maker that has multiple functions such as boiling, heating, and heat preservation to reduce the burden on mothers who are tired of milk. Let us enjoy the fun of parenting and housework while using convenient items!

Bottle warmer & baby food warmer: gentle heating to the right temperature

Baby bottle warmer: practical helpers for milk preparation

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