Parents should pay attention to children with these characteristics

Parents should pay attention to children with these characteristics

Jul 05, 2021XieYifang

Speaking of a person's height, it is still vital to the impact of her life. Think of Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms. My person is handsome, tall, and talented. It really adds points to my life. Especially in modern society, the competitiveness is quite high, even if it is the advantage of height, it will surpass many people. Imagine that we are in school, those people are tall, energetic boys, which is not so energetic by girls. And a tall and clean girl will have many more opportunities than others.

Don't worry about people's prejudice, after all, everyone loves beauty. So, mom yesterday, don't underestimate the child's size problem. You can grow your child as tall as you can.

Speaking of which, some parents are anxious. Our husband and wife are short in anything. Because of the genetic influence, will the ones I don’t fight never grow taller forever? But this is not the case. It is also relevant and important for the growth of children. At least 30% of the effect can be played. If our children have these four manifestations, it means that the children will not have a chance with tall people in the future. I hope your children are not in this list.

1. Stay up late often

If your baby often stays up until 10 o'clock without going to bed, congratulations, it is unlikely that your baby will grow taller.

Because the growth and development secretions in the human body are only effectively secreted when the child enters deep sleep. And it is only effectively secreted at night. No matter how much we sleep during the day, it's useless. Especially in the golden growth stages of the child. If the child can't sleep well and doesn't sleep well and doesn't sleep in time, it will be difficult for the child to grow tall.

2: Parents are too short

When the child's parents are short, genes play an important role. Or through the efforts of the day after tomorrow, it may be higher than the parents, but the proportion of excess will not be too large. If the average height of the parents is 160cm, no matter how long the child is, it is impossible for the child to be 180cm. It is the importance of genetic heritage.

Of course, acquired efforts will help children improve, but we must look at the problem objectively. As long as we surpass our parents a little bit in each generation, then one day, our younger generations will be eight feet tall, if we look at them with admiration.

Three: The child is getting fatter

Some parents see their children only gain weight but not grow taller, which shows that it is impossible for our children to grow taller in the future. We know very well that the nutrition supply for children in the society is too rich. It's really about buying whatever the child wants. It's absolutely open mouth like this, but if the thing is worrying, the kids just open their mouths and don't move their legs. This leads to the horizontal development of our children.

If we find that the child only grows horizontally, but still trying to find one is basically impossible.

We are sober parents. Don't just feed your children well, but also pay attention to the nutritional mix. It is even more recommended that children take more exercises with their legs open. Only scientific parenting is a good way to ensure your children are healthy and taller than others.

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