Breast pump helps extract breast milk - feeding is easier

Breast pump helps extract breast milk - feeding is easier

Jul 04, 2021XieYifang

There are several situations where a breast pump is required. This can happen if the mother is unable to breastfeed the child or the child is unable to perform the sucking process on their own. In this case, breast suckers can provide valuable support. Among other things, they maintain the mother's ability to breastfeed and prevent premature weaning.

The breast pump is available in manual and electric versions

The breast sucker basically works with negative pressure, sucking breast milk from the breast. To do this, place glass or plastic accessories on the chest. Then the negative pressure can be generated manually or electrically. For manual variants, the handle is usually used to activate the pump mechanism. The materials of breast pumps are mostly skin-friendly and food-safe, so they can also be used by allergy sufferers.

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The breastfeeding pump was invented as early as the middle of the 19th century

As early as 1855, Carl Baunscheidt invented a manual breast sucker. The first electric breastfeeding pump was born in 1927. Breast pumps have been able to solve serious problems in the field of baby care and allow mothers to be flexible and independent in time. Using a breast pump can even increase the milk supply. Breast milk can even be frozen.

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