Principles for the selection of complementary food machines

Principles for the selection of complementary food machines

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

1. Don't be too expensive

I think it's a hooligan to talk about good or bad regardless of price. Baby Food Maker is small electrical appliances that are generally used between 6 months and 2 years old. It is not electrical appliances that make life better if they are too expensive. They become leeks to make business life more nourishing.

My wife was planning to take this opportunity to start Vitamix, but I pierced her painting skin, "If you want to buy a wall breaker, I won't stop you, don't tell me about my daughter's food supplement." After I was beaten up, my wife ( For the time being) I gave up.

baby food maker-products

Of course, the truth that you pay for what you pay for is definitely true. Food supplement machines on the market, or machines that claim to be able to make supplementary food, range from a bear series of about 100 yuan to a fully automatic supplementary food machine of about 2,000 yuan. I cut it by half first. If it is higher than 1,000 yuan, I don’t consider it. Low Those less than 200 yuan are not considered.

I know that moms are very concerned about plastic materials, but I still have to say that in the front, the food supplement machine needs to use the high-speed mixing function, and the mixing cup cannot use glass! Can't use glass! Can't use glass!

In fact, due to the implementation of the new national standard (GB4806.6-2016 "National Food Safety Standard for Food Contact Plastic Resin") in 2016 for the plastic products of imported baby products, the plastics used as food supplement machines on the market are no longer BPA-containing. The PC material is made, and there are various improved plastics such as PP, PES, PPSU, Tritan™, etc., all of which are BPA-free and lead-free.

As long as it is a formally produced food supplement machine, there is still no problem with the plastic material. Of course, you have to spend more money to buy 304 stainless steel, but I didn't say anything.

2. Mom and Dad usually chop vegetables

Don't worry, you don't need to know how to cook, as long as you can often cut vegetables, cut fruits, and don't cut your hands, that's enough.

According to the recommendations in the manual of the food supplement machine, it is better to cut them into a one-centimeter square and then steam them, such as potatoes, meat, and some ingredients that are not easy to break.

In my experience, if you are not afraid of anything, just afraid of cutting vegetables, and want to experience the food supplement machine, you can buy that kind of dice artifact on Taobao.

3. The structure is as simple as possible, and the cleaning is convenient

The reason is simple, small appliances used by babies need to be disinfected every day. . . So when I buy it, I look at two things, whether the entire cooking cup can be put into the dishwasher, or whether it has a self-cleaning function.

At the price of 200-1000 complementary food machines, I roughly looked at them, and basically they don’t have self-cleaning function. Joyoung has a few cooking machines with self-cleaning, the price is very good, I skipped it.

If you don't like to use the dishwasher, or have a soft spot for natural dishwashing detergent and dishwashing powder, what, I think, supplementary food opportunities will add a lot of blockage to you, it is better to consider transforming your husband.

4. The accompanying recipe baby loves to eat

This is my biggest experience in the research circle. I think the biggest difference between the various food supplement manufacturers is not in the first few points, but mainly in the recipes.

Based on my experience in the use of small kitchen appliances (cook machine, bread machine, food supplement machine...) over the years, with a good manual and recipe, it is still difficult for our amateur players to catch up with professional players; but if we don’t have an informative recipe , That's it, within a month, this thing must have no idea where it was thrown into ashes.

I suggest that in the future, manufacturers of food supplement machines should change their publicity strategy and change to buying recipes and sending food supplement machines.

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