Reasons and solutions for breast pumps unable to pump milk

Reasons and solutions for breast pumps unable to pump milk

Sep 02, 2021XieYifang

There are many factors that cause the milk that the breast pump cannot pump. On the one hand, it is caused by the breast pump itself, and it may also be caused by the mother's problem during the operation of the breast pump. On the other hand, it may be the mother's own problem. Therefore, as long as the problem is found, the problem can be solved in a targeted manner. Here is an introduction to the reasons and solutions for the Breast Pump unable to pump milk.

1. The suction power of the breast pump is not enough

There are many reasons why a breast pump cannot pump milk. It may be that the breast pump that the mother is buying has insufficient suction power. Generally, manual breast pumps have suction problems, but electric breast pumps have relatively few problems. Mothers who are concerned about this aspect may wish to pay attention when buying a breast pump.

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2. The breast pump frequency is too fast

Many mothers have a misunderstanding about breast pumps. They think that the faster the manual breast pump rotates, the more milk will be pumped. In fact, this is not the case. If the frequency is too fast, it is still difficult for mothers with thin or impassable breast ducts. Milk, and may harm the mother’s breasts, causing mastitis and so on.

3. The breast pump is installed incorrectly

If the breast pump cannot pump milk, it may be a mistake in the installation of the breast pump. Therefore, the assembly must be carried out according to the steps in the manual, or the professional should help to assemble it. It should be close to the breast during use, and it must be pressed tightly without air.


To prevent the breast pump from not being able to pump milk, mothers can lie down on the bed for 10 minutes before using the breast pump to relax. Take the horn comb and slowly comb it from the root of the milk to the direction of the nipple. Gently release the breast or apply a hot towel to warm the breast to keep the breast relaxed again, and finally start to suck milk. It's better to take it slowly from small to large.

Many mothers have little or no milk. The main reason is that the milk ducts are too thin or unreasonable. If the baby is allowed to suck directly, it is very effective for the mother to breastfeed. Or buy an electric breast pump directly, because the electric breast pump has the effect of stimulating the milk flow and dredging the breast glands.

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