She is the smallest baby in the world

She is the smallest baby in the world

Jul 08, 2021XieYifang

The shortest woman in the world is Jyoti Amchi from India. At the age of 18, she was only 0.628 meters, much shorter than a two-year-old child. She was short because of dwarf achondroplasia. By virtue of her height, she broke the Guinness World Record, entered Bollywood, became a movie star, and had the youngest baby girl who was only 25 centimeters at birth.

This baby girl is called Amelia Taylor, also known as "Pearl". Her parents are from Florence, Italy. Amelia is actually the same as a normal baby. When the mother is undergoing a birth check, the child is very normal, and the family does not have any Genetic diseases, but her birth was very thrilling.

The mother was diagnosed with arteritis in the early stages of pregnancy. This is immune inflammation. The cause is unknown. It can be treated with a normal diet. However, due to pregnancy, arteritis is difficult to cure, and one leg is in danger of being removed. In this critical situation In this case, the doctor recommends delivering the baby in advance.

The doctor’s plan was set for the 27th week, which is the time period when the baby is likely to survive. However, the 27th week still worries the doctors, but Amelia’s mother cannot be delayed. In February 2002, Amelia approved Caesarean section surgery came to this world.

Although the doctors were prepared, they were still "scared". Amelia's weight is only 285 grams. Normally, the weight of a 27-week-old baby is twice her weight. Amelia stretches out. Only 25 centimeters long, the doctors were holding Amelia, sweating in their hearts.

Amelia was immediately transferred to the premature infant incubator and fed with a special tiny dropper, because ordinary breastfeeding devices were too big for her. The midwife doctor Galita Parachi said in an interview: Look When she was so young, it was difficult for the doctors to decide whether or not to continue.

Obstetrics and gynecology expert William Smalling said: Although she was very young, she had a strong sense of survival at the time. She was very energetic when she emerged from the mother's body. She cried like a normal baby, but because of her weight and size, she was too small. We don't even know what the normal blood pressure of such a baby should be. It is a miracle that she can survive.

Soon after she was born, Amelia’s weight dropped to 255 grams, which made the doctor worry day and night, but apart from observing the premature delivery box, she didn’t know what to do. After growing up, Amelia’s mother wanted to hold Amelia, so she could only wear sterile gloves.

But all the hard work is worth it. Amelia began to "gain weight" from 255 grams to 700 grams. Amelia’s mother began to actively feed her. After the diagnosis, the head of the obstetric department said that the probability of "Pearl" living a normal life in the future was close to 100%.

Because she did not suffer from any disease, after she was discharged from the hospital, Amelia’s parents also kept in touch with the Carrage Medical Center for a long time, always paying attention to Amelia’s growth. Now 18 years have passed, Amelia Ya has also grown into a beautiful big girl. She doesn't look like the smallest baby in the world at all. In fact, she has become a normal baby when she is about 1 year old, and her physiology is very healthy.

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