Infant small household appliances market ushered in new opportunities

Infant small household appliances market ushered in new opportunities

Jul 08, 2021XieYifang

It is understood that in the past two years, the growth rate of the baby household appliances market has remained at around 200%, mainly due to the increase in the new generation of parents born in the 1980s.

The baby has not yet been born, and the house is full of various things, such as a breast warmer, an automatic breast pump, an ear thermometer, a mini washing machine for washing children’s clothes, a Baby Bottle Sterilizer, and so on.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Some people are also preparing to replace a children's air conditioner. The current children's air conditioner is not only very popular with children, but also has a healthy sterilization function. In addition, the intelligent sleep monitoring system designed for the characteristics of children like kicking the quilt while sleeping, has the functions of intelligent and comfortable temperature control and intelligent anti-kick quilt. It is also equipped with a fiber optic sensor. When the sensor measures that the indoor lights are turned off, the air conditioner will automatically turn off the display, lower the buzzer sound, and reduce the wind speed.

A small night light is really helpful. We need to breastfeed at night, change diapers, check the baby’s sleeping conditions, etc. If there is no night light, we have to turn on the light repeatedly, and the light is too strong, it is easy to wake up the baby, or make the baby The eyes are uncomfortable. When choosing a night light, it is better to use a soft light. At the same time, avoid putting it on the side of the baby's bed and do not direct the baby's eyes.

A thermostat is worth buying, especially for babies who are mixed feeding or taking milk powder. The water temperature can be adjusted freely between 40℃-90℃, LCD screen, dual temperature control mode of constant temperature and boiling: the method of use is also simple, now I can make milk for Tiao Tiao every night without having to boil water Up.

The baby food maker, the easier the operation and the more labor-saving, the food supplement machine is more in line with Baoma's needs. Combining upper steaming and lower cooking, the knife plate automatically lowers after being cooked and whipped evenly. The baby food supplement can be completed with one key from raw to cooked, which greatly reduces the process of making supplementary food, saving time and effort. 24-hour appointment function, prepare ingredients to put in, set the time, and enjoy delicious complementary food at the point. When cleaning, quickly stir with water at 50°C, and the residue can be cleaned by one-button cleaning.

The water-proof stew pot will not lose nutrition, and it has more functions. It can be used for stewing and porridge. You can make an appointment. Sometimes I use this when I am too busy. If I make an appointment at night, I will eat directly in the morning. It is very convenient. It's also very worry-free, and it does not cost electricity.

With the encouragement of the three-child policy, the home appliance market may set off a new revolution. The boss is no longer needed, and can be used by the second and third child.

In the next five years, the liberalization of the three-child policy is expected to add nearly 10 million new births. Compensatory birth peaks will superimpose the consumption upgrade of infants and young children, and promote the accelerated development of the infant and young children industry. As one of them, small baby appliances will also welcome Come to a new market.

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