Small ways to solve the baby's cold nose

Small ways to solve the baby's cold nose

Jul 09, 2021XieYifang

Steam your nose

You can open the lid of the thermos bottle, and slowly let your baby get close to the steam. It is better not to scald the face. Let the steam smoke the nose to ventilate the nasal cavity, and the effect can be seen for about 10 minutes each time.

Nasal aspirator to suck nose

If the baby is small and can't blow his nose, you can use a Nasal Aspirator to help the baby suck out the nose. Be careful not to use too much force when inhaling. After blowing the nose, the baby will feel the nose clearer.

Because the nasal mucus is a manifestation of body immunity when cold, the virus multiplies in the nasal cavity tissue cells, so the secreted nasal mucus can carry the mass-produced virus out of the body, which is a way of detoxification of the body, so it must be cleaned up in time Snot.

infant nasal aspirator

Saline nasal drops

Put 1 teaspoon of salt into 240ml warm water, put it in the empty bottle of used eye drops, hold the baby upright, drop 1 drop into each of the two nostrils, then let the baby lie down and use a nasal wash If the object is cleaned, the nose can be ventilated.

Wipes the nose

Prepare a small towel, soak it with warm water, and then gently press it on your baby's nose, repeat it many times, the mucus or nasal congestion will be easily wiped off after being softened by the water.

Filling method

Smash the green onion and get its juice into the cotton wool, stuff the cotton wool into the nostrils, or cut a garlic clove into a cylindrical shape slightly smaller than the nostrils, wrap it with a thin layer of cotton or gauze and stuff it into the nostrils. The effect is also good.

Note: Because garlic has a significant irritation effect on the nasal cavity, if the baby is crying endlessly, this method should not be used reluctantly.

Drink brown sugar ginger water

If the baby’s nose is not ventilated due to a cold, you can let the baby drink brown sugar ginger water, and more ginger should be added, whichever is not spicy. After drinking, let the baby sleep and cover it with a quilt to sweat. This will help the cold to get better and the nose It will not be blocked.

Drink scallion water

Take 5 green onions, remove the green onions and wash them, add 40 ml of water, boil and cook on low heat for 3 minutes, add a small amount of sugar, put it into a baby bottle, and let the baby drink when the temperature is right. It can significantly alleviate the symptoms of a baby's unventilated nose.

Tangerine skin

Use fresh orange peel to squeeze the baby's nostrils suddenly, spray the squeezed juice into the nasal cavity, and the nose will ventilate soon. The other is to grind vitamin C into a powder, and then suck a small amount into the nose, the nose will ventilate.

Mucilage of shallots

The mucus of the onion can suppress inflammation and cut off the white part of the onion. There is mucus in it, and this mucus is effective for nasal inflammation, allowing air to circulate in the nose and curing nasal congestion. Applying mucus to the bridge of the nose is very effective. In addition, you can also cut the white green onion into thin threads, put it in a bowl, pour hot water, add a small amount of miso, and drink it two to three times a day. Or just adding miso to it is also very effective.

Lotus root juice

Squeezing lotus root juice can help the nose to restore smoothness. The lotus root has the effect of shrinking the skin and mucous membranes, has the effect of eliminating inflammation, and is very effective for nasal congestion. You can take a lotus knot and mash it into mud, dip it with absorbent cotton to squeeze the juice, and stuff it into the nostril of one side. This interactive and continuous action can remove the nasal congestion. Especially the effect is better when the baby goes to bed. Or take 2 or 3 drops of lotus root juice and drip it into the nostrils.

White radish juice

Dip the juice of white radish with absorbent cotton and continuously stuffing it into the nostril can also treat nasal congestion. Or add salt with thick crude tea and wash the nasal cavity with a scrubber, which can also eliminate nasal congestion.

How to prevent a baby with a cold nose and a blocked nose

1. Drink plenty of water, take a proper rest, pay attention to indoor air flow, exercise, enhance defense capabilities, and avoid spicy food.
2. Patients with chronic nasopharyngitis should be followed up regularly for fiber nasopharyngoscopy to facilitate early detection of nasopharyngeal cancer and other diseases.
3. Take care not to be overly tired or stay up late, and try to ensure adequate sleep.
4. Avoid raw and cold foods, eat more fresh foods or foods with a lot of protein, such as fish, milk, soybeans, etc.

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