The specific steps of preparing formula milk powder and milk bottle sterilization

The specific steps of preparing formula milk powder and milk bottle sterilization

Jul 09, 2021XieYifang

Breast milk is the most delicious food bestowed by God, but there are always some mothers who cannot breastfeed their babies normally for one or other reasons. At this time, we need to add milk powder to the babies, that is What we call artificial feeding.

So when feeding the baby artificially, how to prepare milk powder for the baby? How to clean and disinfect the milk bottle and milk utensils after the baby has finished drinking? Today Xuan Ma will lead everyone to study hard.

First of all, the preparation of milk powder, you must remember the three elements of milk powder preparation before preparing milk powder for your baby: clean, fresh and correct. Cleaning does not only mean preparing a clean milk bottle for the baby. More importantly, mothers should wash their hands and keep them clean and hygienic before preparing milk powder.

Freshness refers to when the baby drinks and when it is brewed. If the brewed milk powder is left for more than two hours, it is not recommended to give it to the baby. Correct, it means to prepare milk powder for the baby in the correct proportion. After understanding these three points, let's talk about how to prepare milk powder. What are the specific steps?

The first step: prepare the bottle and milk utensils.

Thoroughly clean and disinfect your baby's feeding bottles, pacifiers, threaded buttons, etc. Let dry and set aside. The specific steps for sterilizing baby bottles will be discussed later.

Step 2: Pour an appropriate amount of warm water into the bottle.

Bring the purified water to a boil, place it at a temperature of about 40°C, pour it into a milk bottle, and adjust the amount of water as needed.

The third step: add an appropriate amount of milk powder.

After the water temperature is right, use the special measuring spoon in the milk powder to take the appropriate amount of milk powder and put it into the milk bottle. In this process, remember: To scrape off the extra milk powder, you must take an appropriate amount of milk powder according to the baby's age.

Step 4: Shake the bottle fully.

Stir thoroughly with a special milk powder stick until the milk powder is completely dissolved, or you can cover the bottle cap and shake the bottle in a clockwise direction.

The method of preparing milk powder is as simple as that. I believe everyone has learned it by now. Then the next step is to feed the baby milk powder. When feeding the baby milk powder, you can put a small towel under the baby’s chin. To prevent milk spills. Pay attention to the nipple during the feeding process. If the nipple is flat, take the nipple out in time to allow a little air to enter the bottle.

Every time after feeding the baby, you must remember to burp the baby, and burp the baby in the way that both the baby and the mother are used to. Eating a lot of milk powder quickly and in large quantities will cause a lot of air to enter the baby's intestines and stomach. Hiccups can effectively prevent the baby from overflowing and spitting up.

Next, we are going to learn how to sterilize baby bottles. There are many ways to sterilize baby bottles. You can use a baby bottle sterilizer directly, which is convenient and save trouble; you can also choose to use boiling water for sterilization. Let's talk about the specific methods separately.

The first is to use a bottle sterilizer.

This method is relatively simple and convenient, but the disadvantage is that the price is relatively high. The general method of using a Baby Bottle Sterilizer is also relatively simple. You need to clean the baby bottle before disinfection. When cleaning the baby bottle, pay attention to the small details of the nipple and the thread of the baby bottle. After the baby bottle is cleaned, put it directly into the baby bottle sterilizer and follow the instructions.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

The second type: boil the water directly.

This kind of disinfection method is also more commonly used, the advantage is economical and practical, the disadvantage is more cumbersome. The specific method of operation is similar to that of using a sterilizer, and the baby bottle needs to be cleaned before sterilization. Note: When sterilizing the baby bottle with boiling water, put the baby bottle in when the water is cold. After the water has boiled, cook it for 5-10 minutes. The pacifier, threaded button and bottle cap can be put in after the water has boiled for 3 minutes.

Regarding the preparation of milk powder and the sterilization of baby bottles, I will talk to you all here first, and I hope it will be helpful to you all.

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