Steps to make milk correctly

Steps to make milk correctly

Jun 14, 2021XieYifang

Many novice parents always have many question marks when making milk:

Why is there always some milk powder hanging on the wall of the bottle?

Why does the soaked milk have a lot of bubbles?

Most of these problems are caused by the wrong steps of making milk. The correct steps to soak milk are listed below. Moms and dads must get it.

STEP1: Disinfection

Before making milk powder, parents need to make sure that the feeding utensils are clean and hygienic, and they also need to wash their hands.

It is recommended to use boiling water for disinfection of utensils from time to time, boiling for more than 5 minutes; or use UV Light Sanitizer Box for disinfection.

2020 UV Sanitizer box

STEP 2: Milk foaming sequence: water first, milk second

Fill the bottle with warm water of 40~60℃ (WHO recommends to use 70℃ water for soaking. Both types of water temperature are safe. Mothers can prepare the milk according to the recommended water temperature of the milk powder can).

Pour an appropriate amount of milk powder in a flat spoon, and be sure to pour it in a flat spoon.

Don't know how to flatten the spoon? Let me tell you a trick. After the milk powder spoon is full, scratch the wall of the protruding milk powder tank. (PS: The small hollow next to the milk powder spoon is also designed to prevent us from scooping too much milk powder)

STEP 3: Dissolve boost: shake left and right

Avoid shaking the bottle up and down. You should gently shake the bottle from side to side, or hold the bottle upright with both hands and rub it back and forth. This will help the milk powder dissolve and reduce milk foaming.

STEP 4: Test before feeding: drop the back of the hand

If you are afraid that the soaked milk is too hot, you can put a few drops on the back of your hand to test the temperature, and you can give it to your baby if it doesn't feel hot.

I hope that through this science popularization, it can help novice parents and elders with babies to quickly master the correct milk foaming steps and clear away obstacles.

Foaming milk is not standardized, and the baby has two tears. The old drivers of foaming milk can also forward the evaluation of Baoda's milk foaming technology, and leave a message in the comments to unlock more misunderstandings and cold knowledge of milk foaming.

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