Milk powder is not as good as breast milk. Use this breast pump to keep your baby full

Milk powder is not as good as breast milk. Use this breast pump to keep your baby full

Jun 15, 2021XieYifang

For a woman who has just given birth to a baby, in addition to taking care of her newborn life, one more thing is to be a qualified "cow." Therefore, the breast pump has become an essential tool.

Naya Health just launched a smart breast pump just this week, and this breastfeeding pump can make it more convenient, stress-free and more comfortable for mothers to reserve more milk for the baby, and it is also effective. Avoid milk rising phenomenon. This breast sucker uses HydroComfort technology, which can be quieter and gentler to complete the breast pumping work. Naya said its products are 25% more effective than competitors.

Double Electric Breast Pump,BPA Free, Quiet

This device uses flange silicone, which is extremely comfortable, and gently massages mothers' breasts through the flow of water, and stimulates the breasts to secrete more milk. Unlike most breastfeeding pumps that use air pumps, Naya's breast pumps use water flow technology to reduce noise. It can be said that it can effectively reduce the noise caused by breastfeeding women.

In addition, this smart breast sucker is quite portable and provides a storage bag that can store 3 pounds of milk. At the same time, it uses a rechargeable built-in battery, which can be used continuously for 180 minutes, basically about two days.

In order to ensure faster and hygienic use, Naya also adopts an easy-to-clean design, which can reduce the time mothers spend on cleaning and cleaning the breast pump. More importantly, this smart breastfeeding pump can also be connected to a smartphone App, allowing mothers to track how much breast milk they have sucked, including the number of feedings per day and week.

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