Steps to use breast pump correctly

Steps to use breast pump correctly

Jun 05, 2021XieYifang

Many mothers hurriedly connected the breast pump and tried it out. The result was only 10ml after a breath. They panicked immediately, would they not have enough to eat. Let’s take a reassurance pill for everyone. Only the baby and the breast are perfectly matched, and the machine cannot match the baby.

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There are two key points in using a breast pump. The first is that we must use it correctly, and the second is that we must give the breast and breast pump some time to break in. Next, let's talk about the steps to use the breast pump correctly.

1. First of all, please correctly connect the various accessories of the breast pump according to the instructions. If you decide to store the breast milk and feed it to your baby when you use it for the first time, you must also disinfect the breast pump according to the instructions. ;

2. Find a comfortable environment to relax yourself, you can listen to music, watch your baby's videos, watch TV shows, in short, all the ways to relax you are okay;

3. Wash your hands in accordance with the standard six-part and seven-part hand washing method;

4. Massage the breasts, as long as the massage technique is gentle and comfortable, it can stimulate the nipple position appropriately, gently pull or knead the nipple;

5. Put the breast shield of the breast pump on the breast, make sure that the nipple can move freely in the duct, and only a small amount of areola enters the duct.

6. First use the stimulation mode of the breast pump, which is a fast suction mode with low negative pressure. The mother can hear the breast pump showing a short and rapid "Woo-Woo-Woo", the purpose is to start the milk ejection Reflection (come to milk array).

7. If you are using a manual breast pump, you can choose to use your hands instead of the stimulation mode to stimulate the nipple.

8. Switch to sucking mode again (some breast pumps will switch automatically, if you need to switch manually, you can switch in about 2 minutes), it is a slow suction mode with strong negative pressure, mothers can hear the breast pump Shows a long and slow "Woo-Woo-Woo".

9. Adjust the maximum comfortable negative pressure, that is, increase the suction level one by one. When it is adjusted to a certain level, the mother feels uncomfortable. Pay attention to the discomfort instead of pain. Decrease one level. This is the maximum comfortable negative pressure.

10. After sucking a milk burst, suck for another 1-2 minutes. If there is no second milk burst, you can stop pumping. If you are using a single-sided breast pump, you can switch to the other side. Usually the breast pumping time on one side is about 8 minutes.

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