The self-sterilizing food supplement machine is worth buying!

The self-sterilizing food supplement machine is worth buying!

Jun 07, 2021XieYifang

Unexpectedly, the production of complementary foods would have stumped so many treasure mothers. While Bacteria blamed itself for not being able to solve their worries in time, they quickly found a perfect solution-using a special food processor!

Baby Food Maker

So today, at the request of Baomao, we will bring you this one-machine dual-purpose baby food maker: grownsy baby nutrition food conditioning machine.

Recommended reason

★ 0 pollution

October bacteria attaches great importance to things that are "in the mouth"! Therefore, grownsy food maker is made of non-toxic, high-temperature disinfection-resistant PP (polypropylene) material. And every time after finishing the food supplement, the grownsy food supplement function can perform self-steam sterilization, and the baby tableware and pacifier can also be sterilized together, which is simple and convenient, and protects the baby's health!

★ 100% safe

The unique trigger protection device of the grownsy food supplement machine ensures that all components are properly installed and stable before running, and the power supply will be automatically cut off when the machine is overheated, so that mothers can make supplementary food at ease!

★ One machine with dual functions, saving time and effort

Steam mixing is two in one. The newly upgraded stainless steel double knife head makes food grinding more thorough, rapid particle mixing and intelligent one-button control, liberating mothers, making supplementary food cooking fast and easy, and no nutrition is lost!

★ Split design, easier to disassemble

Each part can be disassembled independently, so complicated cleaning steps are no longer needed. The Ma Ma shouted: "So easy!"

Mothers all know that just drinking milk is not enough for the baby after four months, so they should provide the baby with nutritious complementary food. The amount of supplementary food added ranges from small to large. At first, it was mainly liquid and muddy food. As the baby's age increases, mothers can gradually add egg yolk, fish puree, meat puree and other foods to ensure the baby's daily The nutrition needed.

Baby food meets the high energy needs of babies

1 to 1.5 year old baby food supplement plan timetable

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