The baby bottle heater should integrate the functions of heating and disinfection

The baby bottle heater should integrate the functions of heating and disinfection

Jun 22, 2021XieYifang

Baby food warmers have a very simple function. A certain amount of water is filled into the bottle warmer. If you want to heat a baby food jar, it is simply placed in the bottle warmer and warms up within a certain period of time.

A bottle warmer can not only be used to keep containers with baby food warm, but also, if it has a so-called sterilization function, to sterilize teats and pacifiers. Depending on the device, sterilization works with steam or infrared, as does heating.

Most food warmers available on the market have an integrated warming function, which ensures that the baby bottle or baby food jar can be kept warm after the desired temperature has been reached. The keep warm function is especially helpful if you don't know exactly when the baby is getting hungry and you want to keep the milk warm for consumption. A very practical feature of bottle warmers is that most products are equipped with a 12-volt adapter with which the device can also be operated in the car without any problems.

Baby Travel Bottle Warmer

Baby bottle warmers are available in many different designs on the product market. On the one hand there are bottle warmers that are only used to warm milk bottles and there are bottle warmers that can also be used to prepare glasses and cups with baby food. A distinction is also made between devices that are only used at home and between bottle warmers that can be used on the go in addition to domestic use.

If you have several babies, it is advisable to use equipment in which you can heat 2 or 3 bottles at the same time. These bottle warmers with keep-warm function are also particularly useful when you want to warm a milk bottle and a bottle of tea at the same time.

Baby bottle warmers for the home are warmed gently and evenly in a water bath. The baby bottles and cups are heated in a jar warmer at home and then, depending on the functional features, kept warm. With most devices, the temperature can be set manually.

When the previously set temperature has been reached, an LED lamp indicates the status or an acoustic signal sounds. With the sounding or recognition of the end of a heating process, one can safely assume that the baby food warmer with temperature display is at the correct temperature and ensures an accurate and reliable method of preparation. However, it is always best to check the temperature in the device after heating it up.

Bottle warmers for on the go offer the same operation as the devices at home, only that they are designed for the car. They are provided with a 12-volt connection and are operated via the cigarette lighter. In the various baby food warmers for on the go, not only milk but also baby food can be warmed or kept warm. A jar warmer is also a warming box that has insulation and keeps the baby bottle warm for a long time.

When buying, you should be careful that different types and models of bottles, cups and glasses can be used in the bottle warmer, because there are many models that are only compatible with certain bottle models or that only fit certain bottles. You should take a closer look at the “Philips” brand in particular. It is also important to note when buying that bottle warmers have different heating times.

Another function that a digital bottle warmer should definitely have is an automatic switch-off function, which guarantees that the bottle no longer heats up once the set temperature has been reached. Some baby food and bottle warmers only have a visual alarm. It is recommended to use devices that also send out an acoustic signal.

Most modern designed models are similar in price. The design is also largely similar. Many baby bottle warmers have compact dimensions, are light in weight, have an attractive, child-friendly motif and come in many different shapes and colors.

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