List of frequently asked questions about milk warmers

List of frequently asked questions about milk warmers

Jun 22, 2021XieYifang

Are all milk warmers suitable for all types of containers, especially all brands? So can baby bottles, baby food jars and cups be heated in a bottle warmer?

Some milk warmers are only used to heat baby bottles, but there are more products on the market. These can also be used to heat baby food containers and other things, and they are also suitable for many types of containers. Sometimes, the naming can cause confusion, because the milk warmer is also used as the name of a more general device. Therefore, please pay attention to the product-specific information about the application area provided by the manufacturer. Some baby bottles are not designed to be used in breast warmers, so you should research the product you want before buying.

However, for different manufacturer brands, there should be no difficulty in using it. If the container type is compatible with the milk warmer, the product brand is invalid. Of course, the baby food can or bottle must also fit the bottle warmer. In the evaluation of end users, Philips products seem to have the most problems in this regard.

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Can plastic containers be heated with a milk warmer?

In principle, the milk warmer can also be used for plastic containers, and the material should not be damaged. Of course, the product-specific information provided by the manufacturer must always be followed, and it is best to find this information in the instructions for use provided. There are also some baby products that are not suitable for heating in a bottle warmer. This should be stated in the separate product description.

Can the device be used at home while on the road, and vice versa?

The bottle warmer needs a power source. As long as the power source is guaranteed, you can use the product in different places. A mobile device equipped with a 12-volt car cigarette lighter adapter, of course, cannot be used at home with an ordinary socket, unless the corresponding replacement adapter is included in the scope of delivery or you buy another one.

Can the sterilization function be used during the journey?

There is also a mobile milk warmer with sterilization function. When purchasing, please make sure that the milk warmer is equipped with this function, and a 12-volt adapter for the cigarette lighter in the car is included in the scope of delivery. It can already be thoroughly cleaned on the go.

Can it be washed in the dishwasher?

In general, the milk warmer should not be placed in the dishwasher, because the sensitive electronic equipment inside may be damaged during the washing process. However, if your milk warmer can be disassembled into some separate parts, then non-technical parts may also be suitable for dishwashers. However, attention must be paid to the exact information provided by the manufacturer. Otherwise, improper maintenance of the milk warmer product will even shorten its service life.

Tips for maintenance of milk warmer products

From the beginning, taking care of offspring was very important for all parents. The health and safety of the baby is the most important thing for parents, and there are many things to pay attention to when feeding. Baby food should always be heated to the correct temperature before being fed to the offspring. For this reason, the breast warmer is only part of the basic equipment of many parents, and when preparing meals several times a day, it becomes a loyal companion for the first few months of life.

When it comes to the food intake of offspring, hygiene is of course a particularly important issue. Therefore, the milk warmer must also be carefully cared for regularly. You can find out how to best clean and maintain the breast warmer in the short and clear guide here.

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