The benefits of choosing organic baby food for your baby

The benefits of choosing organic baby food for your baby

Aug 28, 2021XieYifang

Now, more and more parents and nurses are asking: Is baby organic food good? The prices of these foods are often much higher than those of similar foods. At first glance, it seems unnecessary to invest in them. However, the famous parenting expert Knapp believes that organic baby food can promote the physical development and intellectual development of babies, and can also keep them away from harmful substances. Let’s see what are the benefits of choosing organic baby food for babies?

1. Nutritional value

Although there is no established research showing that organic baby food has higher nutrient content than traditional baby food, but the parenting expert William Sears mentioned: There is now preliminary evidence in the world that organic vegetables and organic fruits do The high nutrient content has great benefits for the baby's growth.

Sears recommends that parents pay special attention to the content of organic meat, poultry, dairy products, fruits and vegetables when feeding their babies organic baby food; if you want to buy packaged organic baby food, you must pay attention to the nutrition on the food packaging. Label: Because there are some traditional brands, some non-organic ingredients that are not nutritious are usually added secretly. When those ingredients are mixed with organic ingredients, they often bring some negative ingredients, which affect the healthy development of the baby. Therefore, Sears recommends that before buying this type of food, you must find a certification label similar to: "Organic Planting Certification" or "Organic Certification" and other agency certification labels.

2. Avoid pollution

Knapp suggested that in order to prevent babies from eating foods containing pesticides and toxins, it is safer to feed babies with organic baby food, or to feed them a variety of organic ingredients, organic fruits and organic vegetables. This is because the child is very young, at a very sensitive age, and the body is relatively very fragile, so even the absorption of a small amount of toxins will have a very bad effect on their body. And those fruits and vegetables that we can eat with their skins: such as peaches, blueberries, apples, pears and carrots, often contain higher levels of pesticides and toxins, which are more dangerous for babies.

3. Choose organic products as much as possible

For parents, the frequent purchase of organic baby food makes a great contribution to the avoidance of harmful agriculture and the investment in sustainable agriculture. Purchasing traditionally raised cattle, sheep and poultry products means that the antibiotics that accompany the raising process will also be attached to the baby food. In addition, traditional dairy products often come from cattle and sheep that are fed growth hormone, which also has a great impact on the lifespan of the animal itself. Therefore, in the care of children, the care of animals, the protection of the environment and the responsibility for sustainable development, it is the best choice to use organic products as much as possible.

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