How to use a blender to make baby food

How to use a blender to make baby food

Aug 28, 2021XieYifang

By six months, the baby's deciduous teeth have begun to grow, and it is best to use fluid as the main food supplement. Generally, choosing a blender can help mothers save a lot of time, and can also make the complementary food more delicate, which is convenient for the baby to eat. So how to use a baby blender to make baby food supplements? The following Baibai Safety Net will talk about the relevant baby food tips.

Blenders are generally divided into two types. One is a glass type, which can be used for fruit and other things. Its advantage is that the pulp and juice are together without destroying the fiber content in the fruit. It can also be used for milkshakes, etc. You can put a little milk, bananas and ice cubes, etc., and the effect is very good.

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The second type is a plastic cup. Its advantage is that the cup has more nets than the first type, which can be used to make raw soy milk. In other words, the blender is only to help you break up the food, not to cook it. Of course, it can also separate the juice residue like a juicer, although the effect may be slightly insufficient. But if you make shaved ice, you must use a plastic cup, otherwise it will break the cup. Add some water when you hit the fruit, otherwise the fruit will stick to the cup and the knife will not hit the tip.

Whether it is glass or plastic, the purpose of the blender is to use a motor to drive the blade to rotate at a high speed to achieve the purpose of stirring, crushing, and cutting food. The machine is collectively called a food blender. Most of the mixers on the market are combined mixers, including: a soy milk cup, a grinding cup, and a meat grinder cup.

Juicer function analysis:

1. Beat soy milk. After soaking an appropriate amount of dried beans in clean water for an hour, pour it into a soy milk cup with a filter, add water to a suitable position below the maximum water mark of the soy milk cup, start the machine, and start crushing. The clear water quickly turned white and turbid, and the concentration became higher and higher.

2. Grinding. There are often time to grind at home, such as the commonly used seasonings, pepper noodles, chili noodles, etc., there are also some auxiliary materials for certain dishes, such as rice noodles for steamed meat, and soybean noodles for Korean rice cakes or Sichuan rice cakes. To the grinding function of the blender. It can be said that the grinding function makes it possible to make more professional food at home.

3. Ground meat. The meat grinder function of the mixer is generally suitable for grinding a small amount of minced meat for making meatballs, dumpling fillings and other foods.

4. Stir the fruit. Fruit mixing is an important function of a blender that consumers pay attention to, and it is also a function that consumers tend to confuse. Many blenders have played the signs of juicers. Once again, I would like to remind readers that blenders cannot make pure juice. There are two main ways for the blender to process fruits: the first is to use the soy milk cup, put the fruit in the soy milk cup net cover, add water, milk or other beverages as a solution, and start the blender to stir. In this way, the fruit juice can be dissolved into the solution to obtain a mixed juice, and most of the pomace can be separated by the soy milk cup net cover; the second is to put the fruit directly into the soy milk cup, without using the net cover, add it Use water, milk or other beverages as a solution and start the blender to stir. In this way, fruit juice, pomace and solution can be mixed together to get a cup of mixed fruit drink.

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