The child’s frequent night milk is maddening, should I actively wean or wait for the child to be weaned automatically?

The child’s frequent night milk is maddening, should I actively wean or wait for the child to be weaned automatically?

Oct 07, 2021XieYifang

People who have brought children basically have the experience of being tortured at night. The younger the child, the more tossing at night.

Especially for those parents who still need to feed night milk, they don't know how many times they have to get up overnight. What is more anxious is that they are afraid that night milk will have a bad effect on their children.

Recently, many mothers have left messages to us, telling them their troubles about feeding their children night milk:

"The baby is 9 or 10 months old and has to take about 10 times at night. I can't get a good rest. I want to be weaned at night."

"A 15-month-old baby doesn't eat much supplementary food during the day, and he doesn't drink much milk. However, he has to drink a total of 530ml of milk three times before going to bed at night. He is short and thin. Does this have anything to do with feeding night milk?"

"The baby is more than one year old. I want to wean him at night. My mother-in-law refused to let him. She said it was not good for the child. But the child of my friend's family was cut off less than one year old. Now he is healthy. What is it? Is night milk correct?"

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In theory, most babies don’t need night milk at the age of eight or nine months, but there are also individual differences. Generally speaking, night milk should be weaned as much as possible when they are one year old, which will help the child’s growth and development. .

First, the baby's frequent feeding at night will affect the quality of sleep on the one hand, on the other hand, it will also increase the burden on the baby's stomach and cause absorption disorders. Moreover, night milk can easily lead to unhygienic oral cavity of the baby and cause tooth decay.

Second, eating too much night milk will definitely affect the baby’s eating during the day. After all, the baby’s stomach is only that big. If you eat too much at night, you will naturally eat less if you don’t get hungry during the day. Vicious circle.

Whether it is for Baoma to sleep peacefully and get a good rest, or for the baby to grow up healthily, the baby must be weaned off night milk when it reaches a certain age.

1. From the perspective of the baby's developmental law, the baby six months ago generally feeds on milk. When the baby slowly adds solid food supplements, his stomach will not be so hungry. At this time, you can consider reducing night feeding. The frequency. Quitting night milk is a gradual process. You can slowly extend the interval between two night milks by adding solid food supplements to your baby. It should be no more than one year old at the latest. Slowly reduce the number of night milk for your baby to give your baby a little bit of adaptation. Time, so as not to cause the child's immunity to decrease and to get sick during the abstinence from night milk.

2. Feed the baby a meal before going to bed, try to make the baby full and avoid waking up in the middle of the night. If the baby is used to sleeping while eating, he will fall asleep after eating. You can make the baby fall asleep after drinking the milk by touching, beckoning, etc.

3. Don't feed your baby immediately after waking up at night. Put him to sleep first. Try to pat him to see if he can fall asleep again. You can also feed some plain water to help him fall asleep.

4. Take your children out to play more during the day. After the energy is exhausted, they will sleep more solidly at night.

5. Let the father take the child to sleep, alleviate the baby's dependence on the mother. The scent of milk on the mother's body may make the child want more milk.

Some children eat night milk because of habit, not because of need; some children eat night milk as a comfort, not because they are hungry. As the children grow up, if they are still eating night milk, the problem lies with the parents.

Mother Bao should not be too unbearable to see her child crying. On the one hand, she respects the individual differences of her child and moderately adjusts the duration of abstaining from night milk. On the other hand, she must persist after she makes up her mind. Quitting night milk is for the better growth of the child, making him healthier, and at the same time liberating the parents. Moms and dads, don't hesitate anymore, stop night milk when it's time to quit night milk!

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